Single in the City (CLE)

In my research (its a thing I do), I found that Cleveland is often ranked as one of the top cities for singles. WHAT!? This small town feeling, mid-western city scored at the top of the list!? Apparently, there is a website, Nerdwallet, that figures these things out. In 2015 Cleveland was rated the 5th best city to be single based on percentage of unmarried population, cost of average date, and the social scene. Well, hello Mr. Bright Side! If I’m going to be suddenly single, at least its in the 5th best city for single people!


Based on this info, maybe I should re-consider moving to San Francisco!

I have no idea where to find the single people. And I do mean “people”. While I would like to find and date a single guy, I am also equally (if not maybe a little more) interested in making friends with single gals. Allegedly, everyone meets via online or dating apps. A few people still meet via the friend of a friend route (Side note: if you know a cute single guy…). I’m pretty sure the last person I know to meet their significant other as a random pick-up in a bar was well over 5 years ago. Thank God I am not expected to go hang out at a bar and scope out the hotties. I am too old for that shit! BUT, this Nerdwallet guy (which I’m sorry I’m assuming the nerd is a boy, it could be a gal) says that single people are aplenty in my neighborhood, or more likely in the hipster neighborhood a few towns over. Is this in Cleveland proper or in the Cleveland metro area? I need more details. I mean, 70% single? I should just be able to go and grab a guy like those bears catching salmon swimming upstream! Except, when you think about it…I don’t want just any random Joe Schmo. I’m looking for Mr. Handsome with an actual job. No offense meant for those who are unemployed or under-employed. Such a legit problem.  I hear Progressive is hiring? Anyway, point is, finding someone who is single maybe isn’t that difficult, but finding someone who is good looking (to me), has an appropriate job/career (in my view), is interested in some of the same things as me, can communicate effectively, and is not a secret man-whore/rapist/serial killer/cheater may take effort.

And, it may take more effort than I’m willing to put forth.




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