Red Flag Warning

Cleveland is a great city in which to be single! An estimated 70% of the population is unmarried! But, I have to wonder, what’s wrong with those people? Why are they single? Is it their fault, or just circumstances?

I found a Huffington Post article from a therapist, who estimates that only 5% of men are relationship material. 5%!?!?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Well shit balls! Ugh! This is the kind of thing that makes me want to drown myself in the tub. I’m not even trying to be in a relationship right now and I hate these odds. The therapist’s advice? Wait for one of the good ones, who are inevitably in a relationship right now, to get dumped by their partner (because their partner is an idiot), and then pounce! I am waiting for a damn unicorn to become available. It may never happen.

In the mean time, I’m supposed to date. I’m supposed to “get out there” in order to “build a data set”, which I can then use to rate all men against and know when I have found the unicorn. It sounds fun, and horrible. Because, what this really means is, I will get good at noticing, and paying attention to “red flags”. The article I mentioned earlier identifies the guys you want to avoid; the estimated 95% of the male population. These guys will give you clues by what they say and how they act. It’s like a game! I’m a detective!

Here’s a thought: Maybe…… I play the game. Maybe, knowing that almost 100% of available men will have some major flaw (because only 5% of the male population are worthy and these men are all taken), I can go into this dating thing with minimal risk.

It’s not about me finding the unicorn, because unicorns are a myth.

Dating is discovering the other person’s major flaw.





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