Date Planning 101

take charge

You asked me out, and I said “yes”. Congratulations!! You are a winner! We figure out when our schedules coordinate. Good. Good. And then, you ask me a million questions about what do I want to do, where do I want to go, what time should it be (if not decided by schedule), and such. Whomp whomp…

Dear Men of the Internet – Have a list of a appropriate go to dates. Tell her where and what time, and if you want bonus points tell her how casual or fancy (if it isn’t obvious). If you want her input, then give her, let’s say, 2-3 options and let her make final call. That’s fine. Giving her a few simple multiple choice questions to narrow something down? That works. Making her plan the date that you want to go on… well, that’s kinda lame.

Yes, we want a nice guy, but he should also be able have his “take charge” moments, and know when to use them. Take charge and plan a date = AWESOME! Take charge and be sexually aggressive = NOOO!!! Take charge and make a meeting happen = AWESOME! Take charge and stalk her until she falls madly in love with you = NOOOOO!!!!! See how that works?

It’s a test. We are testing you, judging you, and grading you. If you can’t even make a simple date happen, then what will this look like in 3 months, or even 3 years?! You may be loosing before you are even in the ball park.

And, by all means, I am not saying that the guy should plan all dates for eternity. I’m saying that IF the guy suggests or asks for the first date/meet, THEN he should have something in mind. If the girl asks first, great! She can make the suggestion of what to do! If everything on date numero uno goes well and you make it to subsequent dates, feel free to play 20 questions in order to plan the next date.

SIDE NOTE: If you ask a girl out, she’s going to assume that you are paying for the date, unless you discuss before hand. Please, don’t make things awkward by having her pick something you can’t afford, and then look like a jerk when you don’t want to pay. JUST PLAN THE DATE!

Here are a few simple date suggestions:

  1. Coffee
  2. Brunch
  3. Lunch
  4. Dinner
  5. Hike
  6. Bowling
  7. Drinks
  8. Beach/River/Lake walk
  9. Ice Cream/Dessert
  10. Local Museum

Good Luck!


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