Run for your life

In non-dating news – I just completed a 10k.

I realized that life needs balance. Not just because I’m a single mom, but because I’m a mom in general. I’ve said it before, that I was getting into the whole “fitness” thing before my ex left. One of the biggest things about being a mom, is to not forget that you are still a person that should have interests and hobbies.

I run, but don’t consider myself a runner. Maybe it’s a confidence thing. Maybe, I feel I haven’t done it long enough, or I’m not fast enough or I haven’t dedicated myself enough to it as a sport. But, I do run. Even if I do hate it the whole time! And, I think that makes me a real runner. (Yes, I did just contradict myself. Happens all the time.)

Reasons why I run:

  1. It is just like therapy, but I don’t have to talk to anyone.
  2. I get to listen to music without kids yelling over it!
  3. I get a break from my kids.
  4. There are endorphins! I need those.
  5. I’ve lost weight (not that I was trying to) and clothes fit me better, which is a nice bonus.
  6. I feel so accomplished! Running is made up of lots of little goals, and it feels amazing to Get ‘Er Done!
  7. I have something regularly scheduled that I look forward to.
  8. Motivation! Running gives me motivation to get other things done. Set other life goals.
  9. Meditation. In that time and place on the treadmill I can be metaphorically “still”, if not physically still, and listen to that inner voice.
  10. Inspire my kids. I want to lead a healthy life. I aspire to be an example to my kids. I hope that they notice mom taking care of herself, as well as them.

I have a certified running coach. Her name is Coach Rachel, and her website is Running on Happy.  She’s amazing. She breaks down the seemingly impossible into attainable goals. She gives me a schedule, tells me when and how much and I just do it. That’s the kind of thing I can do, otherwise I get overwhelmed by the logistics of it all.I started not knowing anything about running, I had never run in school or really ever. She gave me the basics. Guided me through the unknowns of pre- and post- workout eating, what to wear for different temperatures, picking out running shoes, navigating possible injuries, and has been an awesome support in general. She coaches locally and non-locally, and assists all types of different goal levels. Check her out, here!


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