The Meet-Cute

The meet cute. I’m waiting. Not so patiently. For the perfect meet cute. Some people have AMAZING couple stories about how they met. I know of two couples who randomly met at a bar and are now married. These things do happen. Just never to me. It’s fascinating to hear how people meet. Especially if the answer is NOT work, or school.

Because I may be slightly imaginative (read: crazy)….. and not so patient….. Here are a few possible meet cute scenarios that I have dreamed up. And a glimpse into my hopeless romantic side. Le Sigh…

pepe le sigh

Setting: Kids school. Run into another parent, stuff goes flying, our eyes meet and this parent is a gorgeous single dad that asks me if I want to get coffee some time.

Setting: The Store. Maybe its the seasonal section at Target? Maybe its over produce at the market. Adorable guy and I reach for the same item. I make some joke, and he’s obviously madly in love with me. The end.

Setting: Book store. Why do I not hang out in book stores more often?! Oh, that’s right, can’t afford it. Well, I’m looking through the book store browsing and pick up way too many books. As I get in the ridiculously long line, super cute guy gets in line behind me, sees my struggle and offers to hold some books. We chat while waiting for the register, he then asks me for my number before I leave.

Setting: Random, slightly nice bar. Out with my girlfriend. She notices cute guy checking me out. She takes her leave to use the restroom, and the guy comes over to keep me company. He then joins our conversation and buys the next round of drinks. We’ve been together ever since.

Setting: The park. He has kids playing. I have kids playing. I notice that he is not wearing a ring. I make small talk and casually ask a question about his wife, to which he replies that he is not married. He then takes his cue and asks me if I’d like to coordinate schedules for drinks sometime.

Setting: The Library. I’ve gone to the library to find Dating for Dummies. They don’t have it, but as I wonder the stacks looking at the spines of all the other books waiting for something to catch my eye, a guy starts asking me about a book he just grabbed from the shelf. He’s cute and funny, and after a few minutes of whisper quiet chit chat, he asks if he can take me out to dinner.

Setting: Neighborhood. I go out for a run. I go the same time on the same days. I start to notice a friendly neighbor also running at the same time on the same days. We have a quick chat about running, mileage, and upcoming races, then he asks for my number. Maybe we can run together sometime. Great!

Setting: Dessert counter. I’m choosing cake, he’s choosing cake. Match made in heaven obviously. We sit down together and share our slices of cake. And the rest is history.

Setting: Starbucks. I’m reading or studying. I have no makeup on. I’m sure I look like a hot mess with hair coming out of my ponytail from stress. A cute, well dressed, financial guy just had a meeting or interview the next table over. When his meeting is over, he decides to join me, and starts asking questions. I, oblivious to his intentions, reply with lots of snark and sass. He’s not easily deterred and asks me out anyway.

Someday my prince will come, blah blah blah….. Until then, I have a lot of frogs to kiss!



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