Opening day for the Cleveland Indians is just around the corner…..

Which makes me think of cute baseball players, in tight pants. Personally, out of all the sports body types, baseball and soccer are my favorite.

Which makes me think back to that one time when I was Bumbling my way through LA and Orange counties, and found this gem:


And this is the main reason why I love Bumble. I don’t even care if this is fake or not. If it wasn’t fake, then this guy (maybe Cleveland Indians player Adam Moore) was hoping to meet some California babes in Anaheim. Maybe he was hanging out with Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim friends (worst team name ever). Maybe I’ll just run into him out some time in Cleveland, and he will be so taken by my irreverence and beauty that he will ask me out. Maybe that will be my meet cute. Maybe I am totally a crazy person. All things are possible.

But, the main reason why I love Bumble is that they include plenty of information provided by Facebook, that I can then google the shit out of the guy.


The best part about googling people before you meet is that you have tons of information, the worst part is acting like you know nothing. This is harder for some than others. I happen to be a pretty good actress when it comes to playing dumb. Also, the fact that I spent most of my life blonde and no one expected me to know anything helped.

fresh stalk

To google or not to google – I’m going with not googling. At least, not before the first date/meet. I feel weird calling the first time I meet someone in real life a “first date” because it isn’t. Am I the only one?!

Side note: Remember the olden days? When you would actually have a conversation with random people in a random public place, and the guy knew he had no other option but to ask you for your phone number? Remember when you didn’t have the option to google someone to make sure they probably weren’t a serial killer!?

After the first meet, then yes. I go full tilt google. I also appreciated the one guy who when first texting me sent me his Instagram name and website. Thanks for saving me some time!

internet stalk

Internet stalking is also basically how I found out Young Gun was a lying, cheating, jerk. So it does have a time and place. Now that he has changed his profile pic on Facebook to him and the girl, I wonder how long it will stay there until he accepts the fact that it’s over? You think he will end up back on PoF by next month? Taking bets?

The problem with being an empath, is that I struggle with feeling bad for the poor dumb kid, and wanting to publicly humiliate him and wring his neck. Tough times.

Currently my online dating stats are: 7 first dates. 2 second dates. Talking to 5 guys right now….




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