The Magic

It’s sometimes easier to talk about the bad, and the weird. The disasters are easy to spot. Often with all the red flags we see the end before the beginning.

But sometimes. Sometimes there is magic. There are forces that are in play that we can’t predict.

Had I not found out about Young Gun, I would not have logged back onto Bumble. Had I not logged back onto Bumble (for fear of running into Rebound via swipe), then I never would have matched with Real Joe.

And Real Joe made it happen. Said all the right things. I had to initiate the conversation, because that’s how Bumble works. But he kept up. I gave him an opening, and he took advantage. Set the place and the time. MADE IT HAPPEN. Swoon.

On the other end of it. I knew almost nothing. I had to take that leap of faith. I knew his first name. I knew the type of job he had. I knew he was a well dressed, clean cut type of guy from his pictures. From the conversation, I could tell he was articulate and sincere. We literally messaged 5/6 times before the date was set.

So we met for drinks. At a fun dark quiet bar. I swear, I almost kissed him there. We had drinks and chatted. And it was easy. It was fun. And he was oh so cute!  He made it clear what he thought of me, and I feel like he knew how I felt. He laughed at my dumb jokes. We were sarcastic together.

He walked me to my car. *Swoon* And he said he had a good time and went to give me a good night kiss, and then it was a spiral into magic. Many more kisses. And perfect. Magical. Not a frog at all.

And this is the kind of mythical guy we all talk about. The nice guy who makes it happen. He was totally nice. He was sweet. He was fun, and funny. And he may have teased me a little. He was kind, and sympathetic, he was secure and confident. He was the nice guy who went in for the 1st kiss. The kind of guy that even if it doesn’t work out between us, I’m sure we will still be friends even if in a vague way.

Who knows where this will go, or how it plays out, but I am all for finding out! And this my friends is a good first date! This is why we suffer through the lame messages and the inappropriate comments. This guy who I probably never would have run into in real life, somehow crossed paths with today, and made me feel alive. Exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Thank you Universe!


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