Michigander in Cleveland-Fin

This is a continuation of the story started in Michigander in Cleveland (Part 1) and Michigander in Cleveland (Part 2) and Michigander in Cleveland (Part 3).

Backstory: The Michigander came to visit and we planned a girls night out on the town. East 4th street in Cleveland proved to be too eventful and too exciting for the Michigander and me. 

We resolved to head out. But, not before we took a quick stop to check out Society Lounge. Society is a cool speak easy themed basement bar. The drinks are very fancy and well made. We checked out the scene, but ultimately decided we would mosey on out before running into a certain person again.

A short drive later we were in the Tremont neighborhood. Known for being cool kid, hipster central. This is where the college kids hang out these days, or so I hear. We were hoping for a few maybe grad student guys to offer to buy our drinks, but we were not so lucky.

We ended up at the Treehouse. A cool place, with a tree in the center of the bar. The clientele was very diverse, ranging from undergrads to police officers. It seemed to be the type of place I would have gone to as an undergrad. It was very reminiscent of Froggy’s (the local college bar) from back in the day. It also seemed like a fun place to go with a group of people. For just the two of us trying to take in the scenery, it was a little interesting. At least there was good people watching?

First, we had to make our way up to the bar to order drinks. We wondered around and found a clear-ish spot. The guy that was sitting at the bar, got up and made room. He started making what I would call polite conversation, “are you ladies having a girls night or something?” Me: “Yeah, girls night” Him: “If I’m bothering you just let me know” Me:”You’re fine” Him: “I’m a police officer and you need to be clear and direct with guys if you are not interested. I file reports all day where the guy said, ‘I thought she was interested because she said I wasn’t bothering her.’ You need to be clear and just tell guys to Fuck Off” Me: “Yeah….ok” Well, that escalated quickly….

I get it Mr. Police Officer. I am aware that I need to tell a guy I’m not interested when I’m not interested. Mr. Police Officer, you were not giving me “I’m interested” vibes. You were giving me, “hey I’m drunk, and you need a drink” vibes. Rest assured, that if I encounter a guy that I am most definitely not interested in, I will let him know clearly and concisely. I have that skill. I’ve had that skill since I was 12.

After ordering our drinks we were able to really take in the surrounding sights. It really was an interesting mix of young and old. Thing is though, that I am no longer able to accurately gauge a person’s age just by looking at them. There was one guy who looked like a 12 year old Vanilla Ice, and there was another police officer with two ladies who looked like he could have been late 30’s, or early 40’s even. Or, they could have been the same age. I have no idea.

It was a fun crowd. There was a large group of people that were hanging out by the jukebox, selecting songs and then singing loudly along to the music. There were at least 5 police officers that wondered through. There were two guys who came in, walked over to the bar, ordered beers, stood literally with their backs on the wall, drank and talked, and then left. These guys were both really tall, and had on the most bizarre shirts. One had a lavender long sleeved shirt with a unicorn, and the other had a red long sleeved shirt with what looked to be a phoenix, with the sleeves cut up to his elbows. This is when I realized I have nothing in common with kids these days. I am SO FAR out of the loop. I no longer know what is supposed to be cool, or hip, or ironic. Did they genuinely like these shirts or is it another Urban Outfitters joke?

We enjoyed our people watching for a bit, and then noticed that the bar was starting to clear out. We took that as a sign that maybe we should try to hit another spot on our list of places to see. In reality, we got lost trying to drive to the next spot, that once we drove by looked kind of lame. We then tried to go to a different part of town, but at 12, places were already closing.

If we had been in Michigan we could have found a dance club, a gay bar, or a drag queen bingo. Instead we were home by 12:30. Remember when we used to party at home until 12, and then go out!? Oh how times have changed!

It was a great night despite the crazy run-in with Rebound and the awkwardness that ensued. If we hadn’t had been looking to get away from Rebound, we would have stayed downtown. There were many more bars that I would have liked to have gone to – such as the Chocolate Bar!

The Michigander and I have decided to have monthly, or bi-monthly, visits with each other alternating in Detroit and Cleveland. I’m always up for a good adventure and a fun story. Can’t wait to see what trouble we get into next time!


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