I’m Covered in Bees!!!!

Sorry. I’ve had Eddie Izzard on the brain. If you haven’t seen his comedy specials, look them up. So Funny!

Really, what I want to talk about is Bumble. (See what I did there? Bumble…. Bees….. “I’m covered in bees!!!”…..Right, moving on) I am using it for the 2nd time. Much more intentionally, and not to find a man.


Ben & Jerry are the only men I need! Just kidding….Kinda. I mean it is the best ice cream, and ice cream is the best way to drown your feelings.

I’m swiping for friends! Bumble released an upgrade with Bumble BFF.

The first time I used Bumble, I used it to swipe through guys. I found that in general the guys had college or graduate degrees, professional jobs, and many were well put together and decent looking. But, there were slim pickings, and I ran out of guys quickly. I assume I ran out of guys because I’m that picky, Bumble is that new, and the Cleveland area is that small.

As for the app itself – I like the interface a lot. I swiped through all the guys, I matched and some I talked to, and some I let expire. I like the concept of only having a short window in order to start a conversation. I kinda even liked having to be the one to start the conversation. BUT, as a rule, I didn’t ask the guy out. I started the conversation for sure, and then I wanted to see him take control of it. Almost no guy took the initiative after the first conversation. I used the app for a few months, and only one guy asked me out. I gave up. I got really bored.

I love the idea behind Bumble BFF. I always feel like the new kid in town. I’ve talked to a few people about this. There is a general consensus that Ohioans or Clevelanders that have grown up in the area still have their BFFs from grade school. They are a close knit group, and its hard to get them to open up to new people outside of the clique.

Being a stay at home mom hasn’t made finding new friends easy, but its doable. Moms are usually very supportive of other moms. I found my mom friends via Meetup and play dates. They are amazing and I love them to death! I’ve found some truly inspiring women who I feel blessed to have in my life. It helps that they are always down for an adventure!

As I started my new life as a single mom, and realized I would have some time minus children, I thought it would be good to have a variety of friends. I knew I needed support of other single women, or women who have been where I am. I have a specific schedule, but in my very structured schedule there are blocks of free time, that when the mood strikes I’d like to be able to make a few calls, send a few texts and boom – shopping trip planned! Or adventure to Ikea! Or road trip to wineries! Or jogging partners who brunch!

I’ve made a few new friends using BumbleBFF. We have standing weekend plans, and I really look forward to having these friend dates. Women who I can tell whats going on in my life and get another perspective. And to be able to be there for them too, to give me a sense of belonging and purpose when the kids leave and there is a moment of too much quiet in the house.

If you find yourself with all your friends entering a new stage of life, or maybe your situation changed, or maybe you are in a new city starting over for a new job or a new life – BumbleBFF your way to some new connections.

Here’s to new friends and new adventures – I’ll ice cream toast to that!


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