The Dinner Date

The dinner date is not my favorite. I’m not trying to bash guys for being unoriginal in taking a girl out for dinner. I really don’t have an issue with it hypothetically speaking. It’s just I have a few issues with it in practice.

  1. Essentially trapping yourself at a table with someone you may or may not like for at least an hour gives me anxiety.
  2. It feels way too intimate.
  3. There is pressure to keep conversation going.
  4. I have to see them eat – They have to watch me eat. I spend the entire time trying not to talk with food in my mouth.
  5. I can’t eat because of nerves so I look like that girl who orders an appetizer or salad and then picks at it because I’m too busy trying to talk and answer questions.

I like the laid back meet for drinks date. I like the lets take a walk and talk about the things we are looking at date. I like the lets go do something/somewhere.

The only issue is that I don’t have time. I don’t have the time to go do fun dates. Activity dates. Concert/show/movie dates. I have to get in, get out, and pick up kids before 9pm. I’m on a timeline people!

Dinner dates are awkward until you are comfortable with the person. So, maybe you keep it casual for the first few dates….? Dinner dates are great if you know the person and looking to next level up. You like a girl at work? Invite her out for drinks, and/or dinner. That’s a smooth move. But random guy from the internet? Maybe I would rather meet you for coffee at 6pm on a Wednesday.








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