Road Trippin

I’m a tad crazy. I’ve been called “the good kind of crazy” before. I am open-minded. I can be spontaneous. I am great at going with the flow. I can come up with some wild ideas, and then actually move forward with them.

The other day I was hanging out with MJ (Thanks S for a better nickname for Magic!!), and I say, “Hey I have a wild idea! Do you have anything planned for Memorial Day Weekend? Let’s go somewhere…. Like…. Nashville!!” And to my complete surprise he agrees. Wow.

Later while we were eating dinner, I brought up the subject about dating other people or not, and he assured me he wasn’t and wasn’t trying to. He said he was talking/seeing (details are fuzzy. I may have had several glasses of wine in order to bring up this topic. Meanwhile I didn’t need the wine to ask him to drive across the country with me, hmmm….) one other person when we started going out, and has since stopped talking with her. He even volunteered that if she contacted him he would make it clear he was no longer interested. Uh…. I think he thinks he’s my exclusive boyfriend person?

I’d like to go on record that I’m weirdly ok with him thinking of me as his girlfriend. I’m ok with the idea that he is using that word. But I’m not so good with using the “b” word. I haven’t been able to. The people who I’ve talked to have explicitly asked if that’s what he is, and I resort to “I think he thinks so”. Also, hearing him say the word boyfriend hasn’t seemed to trigger flight responses. I still have not been able to say it though.

The next day he texts me about my wild Nashville idea, he was serious about going and we should plan something! That’s happening. I don’t have kids, and we will go to Nashville and play tourists for a day and a half. We will spend 18 hours together in the car over this three day weekend. I’m both really excited and scared. This could go really well or go really wrong.

We were chatting about the trip. Talking about the things we might want to do while there. He says, “My dad…. Nashville…. this might be cool to go to…” Yup. I have no idea what he said. I responded appropriately with a, “oh yeah?” or “that’s cool” but I have no clue what we were talking about. The second he mentioned the trip and his dad, my mind went to the fact that he told his dad about the trip. He must have. How else does the subject of what should we do in Nashville come up?! Which caused lots of other questions! Do his parents know of me, or about me? Did he say, hey I’m going to Nashville this weekend with a friend? Of course I say none of the billions of questions running through my head out loud.

My parents don’t even know I’m dating. I did mention the fact that I will be in Nashville this weekend, but only because they may see a picture or two, and didn’t want them to ask crazy questions. I told them I was going with a friend. Gender non-specific, pro-noun they, friend.

I am excited to have a vacation from mom-land. I’m really looking forward to an actual vacation. One where I am not still responsible for other tiny human people who are actively trying to kill themselves by being unaware of their surroundings. I will get to stay up late. I will get to sleep in. I will get to drink with out caring if I *might* be hungover the next day. I mean, that would suck, but at least it won’t be compounded with two small humans making lots of noise and demands for food. Not that I’m going to drink that hard. I’m pretty good about keeping hydrated, and such.

I’m really looking forward to spending more time with this person. I’d like to get to know him more. I know he’s fun. I know he’s funny. I know we have a good time together. I would like this to continue, as a fun thing. I’m not looking for super serious, and to have a person to spend time with casually would be nice. For as long as that lasts.

I’m REALLY excited to go to Nashville. I’ve never been. I want to eat all the food. I want to go to all the Honky Tonks. I want to visit all the museums. I love country music. I want to see the famous singers just hanging out at the bar, possibly picking up a guitar and singing a bit (the famous country star, not me, just to be clear). I’m looking forward to being in the south, with gentlemen with southern accents.

Wish me luck!






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