Go Cavs Go

The Cavaliers won a Championship. Go Cavs Go. This seems to be a big deal in this town. People are lining up for hours, in the 90 degree hot humid sun, in order to buy a special shirt for the occasion. Presumably to wear during the parade on Wednesday.

My son is old enough to know about sports, and watched a few of the games. He was a great cheerleader, saying “Go Cavs Go!” Announcing every score change. Making sure everyone knew when the Cavs scored.

I really don’t care either way. It’s great for the city. But I didn’t grow up here. I don’t have the same emotional tie to the outcomes. I admire the Cleveland sports fans for being so loyal.

MJ gave me a hard time about it. Tried to tell me that I was actively routing against, if I wasn’t routing for. The old “you’re either with us or against us”. I tried to explain. I’m from California, I said. But in the end, the Warriors aren’t MY team either. The closest I have to having a team would be the Lakers. That’s my team. That’s my city.

I don’t even really watch sports or get into it. I like going to a game, sure. Tell me who to route for. I can follow. I know basic rules.

Friday night we are out and about, and we stop to watch the end of the game. At some tiny dive of a bar. It was called a tavern, and it had maybe 30 seats, and sold burgers and chicken strips.



Sure, if the guy you are with is really excited about something. It easy to buy into and also get excited. It should also be a two way street. If the girl is really excited about something, the guy should want to learn about it, or at least listen to hours of information that he could care less about? Unfortunately Friday night the Cavs did not win.

We watched the next game here. Monday night. Cuddles on the couch and basketball. MJ was convinced they were going to loose. I remained optimistic. Its what I do. I don’t have the years of sports disappointment bred into my soul. They won! Maybe I was the good luck charm? 😉

Fast forward to last night. My friend told me about Single Dad Seeking on TLC, and I found a marathon happening yesterday. I totally got sucked in, and had sooo many questions. I was live tweeting, and what I discovered was that most other people were confused too.

The finale was last night, at the same time as the Cavs game. I recorded the Single Dad Seeking, and chose to watch the basketball live.



But she’s right. I watched the game last night because it was a big deal for the city. I watched the others because either MJ or my kid was interested in watching.

What was amazing? Opening the door after the game ended and hearing not only the fireworks going off all over the city, but the cheering. I’m in the ‘burbs. And the way out on the edge ‘burbs at that. This isn’t like ‘burbs in LA either, where the houses are all still close together and its easy for the neighbor to sound like they are in your house. There were people having watch parties at their houses, and everyone was outside cheering. I’m convinced I could here the people from the restaurants down the street cheering. It really was electric. It was a celebration.

Good job Cleveland. I’m happy for you.


One thought on “Go Cavs Go

  1. That’s epic! Good on Cleveland and all of northeast Ohio. May y’all celebrate to the fullest it’s well earned and deserved. That said like you I live in an area where the major pro teams haven’t won in a generation and if they won I wouldn’t care because I am a fan of my hometown teams. None of them have won in 20 years so it’s kind of the same boat as here. By the way I have been watching Single Dad Seeking too. Haven’t seen the finale yet but I have soooooo much to say about that show haha oh brother!

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