L Wording


This guy is brazen.

Sends me a cat video, I send a cat video. Jokes about liking cat videos and so using the same computer used to watch cat videos to find a person is the next logical step. Hence online dating. Obviously he meant to say “Interwebs, I heart you”. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Who doesn’t love the internet?

This is why punctuation is VITAL to life. Especially in the age of texting. We can not get lazy and give up punctuation if the majority of communication is going to be written.

I ignored most of this. I glossed over it, and moved onto the next topic. If it was intentional bait? I did not take it.

Imagine someone who is desperate for love, who is trying to find “the one”. The girl who reads signs into everything? Imagine it was her that received this message? We all know what she would have done. Interpreted the message to best suit her. Exclaim to every passerby that her man has texted an “I heart you”!!!

I’ve heard of guys doing this. Of talking around the L word, in order for the girl to…. I don’t know…. Get comfortable with the idea? To allow her to think he has said it, so she will get tricked into saying it first?

Welp, Not Me! Not This Girl. I’m quite content with non-L-ing, there will be no heart-ing either.

Also, how lame would it be if this was his declaration? If this was him putting that out there? Wow. Not Cool. Not via text. Nope.com. That’s something that will get you fired.

The fear of rushing into another serious relationship in which there is L-ing is a thing. Fear of making the same mistakes. Of feeling that you are too far in, that you can’t, won’t, be able to get out when things may go sour. I need to keep my distance for a bit. Not that I want to actively date other people. But, it feels like I still have the safety of a quick and easy out.

He made a joke about loosing his job for some minor issue. He was supposed to have a chat with the boss. And the realization that I had during this conversation? I don’t care. His having a job or not has no affect on me at all. Not my problem. It’s not my problem, nor do I have an inkling to make it my issue. Loose you job, quit your job, go all in as a professional wedding DJ, whatever. Do what ever you want. Do you have drive? Do you have work ethic? Do you have a plan? Do you love what you do? Well then make it happen. That’s all I care about.

It’s liberating. Actually. Very liberating. To not have an investment in the other persons life like that. With my ex, I was very invested. I was stressed for him a lot of the time. I had been there through all of the school, and was part of paying the loans. It was not fun, and not something I’m looking to get into again.

This is true regarding most of MJs life. As he said “I have my own life, and we have our life together.” It’s a relief to know that I am not involved in all of his life. That he has all this other stuff going on that has nothing to do with me.

So at this time, not only do I not want to co-mingle our stuff, but also our lives.




2 thoughts on “L Wording

  1. Interesting…I feel like most people avoid anything close to “I love you” early in the game! But I think maybe him saying it so casually means he isn’t thinking about it at all in a serious way yet? Regardless, not being invested definitely, definitely makes everything easier!

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    • Yes! I can’t figure out if he’s a weirdo that gets intense too fast, or if he’s just cavalier with the words! About a week before this incident he said “I just adore you more and more each day” 😳😳😳


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