Single Dad Seeking

Have you watched Single Dad Seeking on TLC?

Pitch: We find single dads, with varying degrees of shared custody, and match them with single ladies (with no kids and younger, of course), then after they chat for a while online we will fly the women out to the meet the men (because the women will be from all over, including Canada) and live in the guys house for 3 weeks! All while filming the interactions.  Let the chaos ensue!

Please binge watch all of this so we can talk about it! I’ll wait….. Really, you go watch and then come back…..

Why would these single dads think it would be a good idea to bring someone into their house with their kid there, and “date” that person on warp speed for three weeks? Are these dads looking for love, or just a house-wife?

Why could these dads not find women in their town, or at least in their state or region? Why were all the ladies kid-less? Its hard for a non-parent to understand the time commitment of kids and what a time suck they are. Why were all the ladies younger than the guys, in some cases SIGNIFICANTLY younger?

Why did the women sign up for this? What did they think they would get out of it? Are these ladies looking for fame while the dads are looking for love?

It is truly amazing to me that any of these people that signed up to do this genuinely thought that they would find love. It was obvious to the outsider watching that some of these guys didn’t know what they wanted.

One thing I took away from this – it is very important to figure your shit out before dating someone, and then figure out what you are doing in that relationship before introducing kids into the mix.

I haven’t watched a season of the Bachelor since I was in college. I’ve caught a show here or there since then. I’ve followed a bit, as one does pop culture items, in a random article here or there online or in a magazine.

Maybe now that I am single I should pay more attention. Maybe I would learn some insight into the weird ways men think? Maybe I should be on the Bachelor….. Too bad I wouldn’t have anyone to watch my kids. Also, I would probably never get chosen for the show. I’m too nice. Too normal. Not skinny enough or made up enough. Not fake enough.

I’m so glad that no one is filming me, my dating, and my life. I would be so bad at it. To have some of these “what do you want” or “what are you looking for” conversations is hard enough, adding the pressure of a camera does not sound like a good time. It sounds like the exact opposite! And to film all those “confessionals” with a producer asking leading questions for you to talk about what just happened? Nope. I would be absolute shit at being able to express myself in that way.



5 thoughts on “Single Dad Seeking

  1. Yes I saw the entire series, ohhh I have a lot of thoughts on it!! But I’ll just answer the questions you pose as to not give away anything, spoiler alert! Why would single dads think its a good idea…for me it wouldn’t be a good idea. Not like this. Not to have someone live with me and my kids hardly knowing them at least in a sense that you’re there with them. All of these daters are from online. So no I…ok let me say this if I had talked to them for a significant period of time I’m talking like a year or something then maybe. But on the surface no I wouldn’t do it and I think for the guys on the show maybe they had interacted with them for a long time and visited beforehand and what not. Are these dudes looking for love or a housewife? On at least one occasion it seemed like they were looking for someone to cook, clean and take care of the kids. I like to believe though that they all were really looking for love as the ultimate goal. They just weren’t ready yet to cede that part of themselves when their kids are and should be higher priority. I liked that part of the show, they really really loved their kids. Unfortunately it got in the way of the love part with their mates.

    Why couldn’t they find women in their town? I had this problem too in my dating life. No one locally wanted me but go across town, across state lines, halfway across the country and I had much better luck. It happens that way, not really sure why that is. Maybe its the convenience factor that works both ways somehow? I don’t know. It was interesting that the ladies did not have kids but more women aren’t having kids these days so there’s some playing with the trend there. Some of those women, it just was so uncomfortable with them interacting with kids you wonder if they’d ever really want to have children. My theory on why they were younger than the guys is that they see that these guys can produce offspring and potentially they would want that too so the guys figure that hmm a younger woman would have a greater chance of giving more kids than someone their age or more and they like kids and want more. Or the guys wouldn’t want to deal with someone their age or older that already has kids and wants to have the younger woman to himself to produce. There’s a lot to that about the guys in a situation like this being drawn to women younger that are kid-less so they don’t have to to worry about dealing with some other guy’s kids with that woman.

    There’s a reason these people are single and it comes out so clear in this show. Why would anyone subject themselves to this? Many reasons. For me I would never do a show like this. I don’t want my life exposed like this for the public to savagely tear apart because that’s what we do. I have no idea why they wanted to be on here if its fully for wanting love or to springboard into fame and their own TLC show they think. The women didn’t end up looking good at the end of this let me tell you. The guys weren’t great either but the women, phew…yikes.

    You’d be good for the Bachelor because you’re not all of what they want you to be. I would find you refreshing and so would a lot of other people. That said, please don’t go on the Bachelor hahaha. I want you to keep blogging like this without having millions of people cling on to your every word and then you’d change and pretend we don’t exist, the little people here with you at the beginning!! Haha, a way.

    I could never be on the Bachelor because I am so basic and boring. I would never want to do those crazy skydiving, climbing up bridges, sleeping in active volcano dates and I just think the idea of competing over one woman with a bunch of dudes near me is just so odd. I love the show, I’m all up in watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. But as a contestant or lead, nope not me and they wouldn’t want me either so its a mutual understanding haha. Takes a special kind of person to handle all of what goes on with that. I think I could handle it, but it just wouldn’t be good TV with me. Plus I don’t like the fakeness, I need real women around me.

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    • Thanks for saying such sweet things!

      I guess if I lived in a tiny town I’d be casting a net with a larger radius, thank goodness I’m a city gal!

      Without spoilers for other people: Valene is the WORST! and I can’t believe Paul told her he loved that other girl! Ha!

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      • You are quite welcome! Yeah I come at it from the perspective of a guy who grew up in the suburbs. I mean maybe there is something to it if you’re in a small town, there’s no one really around and you exhausted every potential dater in a 100 mile radius. But yeah Valene, oh brother. Now she seemed like she wasn’t genuine and so clueless as to the demands of a parent. I thought he was just thinking with his cock because if she didn’t look like she did which turned him on very much very obviously then I don’t think she would have been in the picture. I can see the physical appeal to her to a lot of men but she’s not my type.


  2. I’m more than happy to discuss the show with you and all of the horrible things that happened besides what is on TV.
    I did go in with the most true and honest of intentions. Unfortunately reality show producers are heartless and just for looking for drama. So they set me up to fail. Jake was not financially secure, only found the apartment we were staying in days before I was there and it came furnished because he doesn’t on a piece of furniture, and after being married for 12 years he was only alone for year which is none of time for somebody to start dating.
    I knew it wasn’t going to work and I tried to get out of it before
    Leaving and then I was threatened with my contractual obligation to complete the show.
    Once there I wanted to leave again and I still Told that I couldn’t.
    Reality TV is not even close to being real with the cutting the editing the manipulation the mind games there’s a lot more to it than what you’re seeing.

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    • Wow! Thanks for sharing! And between us gals, Jake was a hot mess! You actually came across quite sincere, as did some of the other ladies. I’m sorry your experience was miserable- all the best to you in the future!!

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