Day in the Life of this Single Mom

**Written Friday**

Today promises to be crazy. I have the kids all day, and a date planed for tonight. I opted for a babysitter for two reasons. Reason 1, I have the kids all weekend and this is a planned break for my mental status. Reason 2, BB suggested a fun date, at a jazz club in the area.

So I thought today would be a good day to chronicle a typical single mom day.

4:00am – 3yo wakes me up and asks to sleep in my bed.

6:50am – 5yo wakes me up yelling for me from his room. His blanket fell off the bed, and I need to fix it.

7:00am – 3yo asks to play on my phone.

7:10am – both kids ready to go downstairs and eat. Turn on morning cartoons, toast frozen waffles, pour milks, make myself coffee. Lots of coffee. Let kitties out of the “kitty room”. We are currently fostering two kittens so they can gain weight before they are ready for adoption.

8:00am – change litter boxes for kitties. Check food and water levels. Make kids 2nd round of frozen waffles. Help 3yo put on spider man costume, she says “SpiderMan is a good guy.” Look for the mask for 20 minutes.

8:45am – Kids ask for candy. Fine! Tell 5yo for the millionth time that I will take away the kazoo and throw it away.

9:30am – Take a moment to type stuff up, while kids are coloring.

9:45am – try to convince kids to get dressed for the day.

10:15am – finally get in the car and go to Target.

11:00am – check out at target, take another 10 minutes just to get to the car.

11:30am – get to grocery store for a few quick items. Bribe the kids for good behavior. It works, they each get to pick one thing from the candy isle. Treats to be given after lunch. Its like they know I’m keeping track today. No tantrums, no fights.

12:00pm – get home and unload groceries. Make lunch. 5yo picks peanut butter and jelly, 3yo picks ham and cheese.

1:15pm – clean up from lunch. Do a kitten check.

1:30pm – quiet time starts, 3yo goes down for nap, 5yo plays quietly in room. I take a minute to type. Take 10 minutes to pickup floor. Start robot vacuum. Try on shoes ordered online.

1:45pm – Take shower. WOO HOO!! I’m in the shower before 2pm!

2:30pm – After the shower I realize that I’m getting a serious headache. I take a nap while 5yo goes downstairs to watch tv and have a snack.

3:30pm – 3yo is up from nap, and I am feeling better. Get everyone dressed and go to the school with supplies to drop off. Stay for ice-cream social.

5pm – get home. Make kids dinner. Send text to confirm with date.

5:45pm – hear back from date, he’s sick and needs to cancel. Which is totally a bummer. Friend texts me letting me know his dinner plans, so I opt to keep the sitter and go meet him for dinner.

6:00pm – clean up from kids dinner, get dressed, put minimal make-up on. Its way too hot. Remember to take something for my headache.

7:30pm – Sitter arrives, and I need to call kids dad so they can say good night. Kids proceed to ask what their dad ate for every meal, how many people he “helped” today and what he did for each person.

8pm – finally leave the house. Go get dinner across town.

11pm – get home. Pay sitter. Go to bed!


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