Blondie Update

Blonde Boy (BB) and I finally coordinated for a 2nd date. He suggested brunch. In this neck of the woods (Cleveland) that usually means Sunday noonish. He surprised me by clarifying that he meant Saturday. He suggested that I pick a place closer to me.

SIDE NOTE: Cleveland restaurants seem to think that Sunday is the only day that people “brunch”. Many of the restaurants have a Sunday brunch menu and open a bit earlier, but on Saturday they have normal lunch hours and menu. Unless I missed something, Saturday is a weekend day, right? A day that people like to sleep in and then wander down to the local eatery and have a mimosa and eat some savory (or sweet) brunch items. Why is Saturday getting left out of all the fun?! Please! Let me brunch on Saturday too! This made picking a place hard, because the place I originally suggested has Sunday brunch, and so I had to pick a different place for SATURDAY brunch. LAME! And, by the way, stressful.

Anyway, rant over.

I went with a cute place called Sweet Melissa in University Heights. They have a west side location if you are afraid of crossing the river.

Then BB says, “Great! Does 10:30 work?” Wait. What? Could have sworn the kid said brunch and now he’s just upgraded into breakfast territory. I thought breakfast dates were a thing people in relationships did when they slept over. What does one wear to a breakfast date when one hasn’t slept over?

I went with a casual maxi dress and sandals. In case you were curious.

I get there and we must have pulled into the parking lot at the same time, because when I looked up he was standing in front of my car. Getting all the pleasantries out of the way, I start to put my sun glasses into my purse and realized – GAH! I forgot my wallet!! Which I said out loud. He looked over at me and being the ever polite gentleman says, Oh don’t worry about it, I got this. Nevertheless, I was still embarrassed. And it was a tiny bit awkward. Not that I expected to have to pay, but its also not ok to expect that of course he will pay. I mean, be prepared for anything, right? Or, in my case, be prepared for nothing because you forgot your wallet sitting on the table from when you online ordered pizza for dinner the night before. Bah! He then proceeded to tell me a story about him forgetting his wallet and having to drive way to much for this town in order to fix his mistake. I felt a little better.

He continues to be really nice, and polite, and thoughtful. Our conversations were mostly food-centric, as is most of my life (I’m very pro-food and eating). One thing that I like, he hasn’t made it weird that I have kids, or to talk about them. I try not to be that mom that can only talk about kids, ESPECIALLY when on a date, but he has asked questions. As a single mom dating, it’s a difficult balance some times of figuring how much or little to say about the kid(s). It is nice when the guy is able to make it not weird or awkward that my day job is raising kids.

I think we both enjoyed the date (which feels really weird calling it a date). It did feel a little friend zone ish. He’s not super flirty, he’s not making any innuendos, or double entendres. He did throw out that he wanted to have drinks or dinner again, and gave a couple of options for me to check my calendar. So I am fairly confident that he is still interested, but he is very…. how should I say…… respectful of personal space? Also the settings that we have been in haven’t been conducive to being very flirty. I’m not mad about it, or worried about it. But it does mean I haven’t gotten a really good gauge of chemistry. Commonalities, YES! Chemistry….. TBD.

Which, it all reminds me a little bit of Young Gun. When we didn’t kiss until the third date. But maybe that’s the new thing with younger guys? And that ended with him having (still has) a girlfriend.




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