Into the Woods

Rural Man – I said “boy” in his presence in regards to clothing or something random and he corrected me, Man. Ok. Chill. He was mostly joking. I think. So far the only thing I can think of that’s kinda meh, is that he’s not very tall. But he’s tall enough. And I really don’t mind not tall, when the rest is still good.

I say Rural because there was a barn. That’s how I would know it was the right driveway. I asked if it was a real barn, and he said yes, and that there were actual stables below. I immediately blurt, “I’m getting a pony!” And he, looks at me and asks, “really?” And then I had to explain that no, not really. But I continue to explain that uh, yes, I will get a pony, and then put it in his barn. Because, really – PONY!!!!

I drove to his house, and hung out a bit, he offered me wine (later admitting he stopped at the store to get it basically for me), waited for the main dinner crowd to settle, then drove down to Chagrin Falls. A popular date spot. For me I guess. Out of the last 11 guys, I’ve gone to Chagrin with three of them on dates. Its what I get for being an east sider. I hadn’t been to M Italian before, so I jumped at the chance when he mentioned it as a possibility. I had only heard great things about it, and have been meaning to go.

He said I looked nice, a few times. He made it clear. So there is that. But I did look really cute. I also mentioned a project, that he was quick to turn into a date idea. As in, bake me something and make me coffee and I will help you move this furniture that you speak of. So, there’s that thing that guys do! Cause I guess that’s how you know if a guy likes you. Likes you, or just wants an excuse to get close enough to bone.

At M, we opted to sit at the bar. I had a glass of wine, and then we ordered a pizza to share. We talked. A bunch. Maybe I talked a bunch. He at one point told me to stop talking and eat. I was too embarrassed to mention that I had basically eaten my weight in cookies earlier when feeding my kids real food for their dinner. I just wasn’t super hungry. But the pizza was amazing.

So after, we take a short stroll, to the falls, through the park. We’re chatting and he pulls me to him and we start kissing. And gosh darnit there are kids all over this park at 10 something pm playing PokemonGo. Which makes making out in the middle of the park really awkward. Especially for the gal who weirds out over PDAs. I’m a grown woman, and I got embarrassed when one of the teens said hi as we walked by.

We walk to the car, and he drives back to his place. And this is why I’m an idiot. A rookie. A novice, and all of the other synonyms that you can possibly think of for naive. Because this is the moment he says, “Do you want to come up?” And with out even registering what he MEANT, I say “sure”. I know now what I was agreeing to. It’s really as plain as day – its such a classic and cliche line. It is THE line. And I totally missed it until after, when I was leaving and it clicked. It registered in my hormone overloaded brain. And I laughed at myself. I am still laughing at myself.

This was the second date. I’d like to think that I am a wait until the 3rd or 4th date kind of gal, but let’s be honest, I don’t have a high enough number to be able to register those kinds of aggregate statistics.





6 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. SO…. I think this went well, yes?! Don’t beat yourself up about the “Wanna come up?” thing… you are an adult. I like to think I am a 6-7th date sort of girl. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t…. sometimes it takes so long for the moves that I’m wondering if my man is gay. LOL. (seriously, had one guy that didn’t even CLOSE MOUTH kiss me until the 6th date…. )

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