Target Moments

I had a moment at Target. You know I live there, right? I shouldn’t admit these things out loud. I’d get a job there and let them pay me if I would remotely consider working retail again.

Anyway. I’m in Target for a quick errand. You know. The one where you go in for a thermometer and feminine products and come out spending $150? You too? I knew it!!

So walking down the aisle and there is a delivery guy. Not a Target guy. No, I know all those guys by now. One of the grocery section delivery guys. He had a cart he was dragging with blue crates behind him. He was kinda tall (taller than me). Slim, maybe angular. He had a little stubble. Cute. Younger-ish. He had a blue shirt. Yes. I was staring long enough to read the shirt – “Dear Naps – I’m sorry I was a jerk to you as a kid”.

That was the moment I fell in love. I blame hormones, really. And the adorable man wearing the adorable shirt being all appreciative of naps. For reals yo! When I’m all done OBVIOUSLY staring at this guy while trying to talk to my toddler and drive a cart (I really am surprised I didn’t steer into an end cap or someone), I scan up from his shirt and into his eyes and he smiles. Smiles at me. The dorky mom with no makeup on at Target at 10am with her toddler. Well threenager. So I smile back. Wondering….. If only I didn’t have a child. What then? What If?

I should have looked back, I should have created the opportunity to talk. Hell! I should have run him over with my cart! That’s what would have happened if it was the intro to a romance novel. The heroine would have been terribly distracted and ran into him with the cart. Those ladies… so clumsy.

I need to cut back on the romance novels. Seriously. Or start writing them….




5 thoughts on “Target Moments

  1. I think you should’ve totally bumped me and started up a convo…. you missed an opportunity there, girl!!!! And it might’ve gone no where, but now you will never know.

    I once passed the same guy like EIGHT times in WalMart… We almost collided the first passing, the other 7 I had time to check out his ring finger, check the contents of his cart to determine he did, indeed, seem like a bachelor… then I decided I would smile at him and say something corny if I passed him again (for the 9th time)… and lo and behold, there he was coming at me on the bread aisle… and he NEVER MADE EYE CONTACT…. so I didn’t say anything. Because what if he hadn’t even noticed we had passed 8 times before? Then my adorkable comment of “Hey, are you following me?” would seem totally stalkerish and stupid….

    So you had EYE CONTACT. Next time, go for it! Toddler be damned!

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  2. I had a similar experience a few months ago. I was at the lab first thing in the morning and was *not* at my best. And in this very full waiting room was an attractive, age-appropriate man. I kept looking at him, but he was across the room, and there was no way I could talk to him without drawing attention to our conversation. It was a very small waiting room. Still wish I’d have found a way.

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