Saturday Night

I usually post on Tuesdays. Oops.

I went out on Saturday night. S A T U R D A Y Nights! Ok, that’s enough. I was invited out by friends who were going on a date night. It was the husbands idea actually, something about him getting to drink if I went. The wife warned him, you do realize this will make YOU the third wheel, right?!

So, we went out for shabu shabu, at UShabu in Tremont. The newest addition to the Tremont scene, and THE ONLY SHABU SHABU RESTAURANT IN NORTH EAST OHIO! Let’s all take a second to feel sorry for me and my limited restaurant offerings…. Thanks. But seriously, the closest shabu place is in Pittsburgh or something. Way too far.

USHABU is a beautiful space, and very tiny. It’s max seating is 25. Make a reservation. Also, be prepared to be sat with other diners. Pretend you live in a large, crowded, glamorous metropolitan area. Also, if you have had shabu shabu before, know that this place does it a tad different by offering individual broth pots. Yes. Traditionalists be damned! But they have a very aesthetically pleasing vibe, and I liked it.

As for food, we shared two appetizers. The Ginger Salmon, and the Scallop. The salmon was light and refreshing, while the scallop was very rich and buttery (thank you pork belly). I got the Ohio Wagyu beef as my protein for the shabu shabu. I tried the pork also. Both were delicious. The veggies and meet were perfect in portions and I ate almost everything. Drinks are BYOB, at least for now.

Some people hate the concept of shabu/hotpot/fondue. They want someone to cook their food for them if they are going out to eat. I personally like the idea of playing with my food while dining and chatting. I like that it forces you to slow down and enjoy the food, the process and the company.

Next we went hopped over to Press Wine Bar. Which was surprisingly not crowded at all for a holiday weekend. They have a great wine list, as well as drafts and cocktails. I ordered their Lavender French 75, it was a little on the sweet side, but still good. I just wouldn’t be able to have more than one. By the way, Press has an amazing brunch.

Then, we headed over to a bar called 16-bit Arcade. Which is an 80’s kid’s wet dream. To meet up with more friends who live on the cooler, younger, hipper side of town. All the friends that don’t have children.

The drink menu is very clever, naming all the drinks after 80’s stars. I, of course, ordered the Molly Ringwald. Besides the fact that it was easily the best drink choice for me, I LIVE for Pretty in Pink. And, because Matthew is reading this – you’re my Duckie.

I went out in a town that allegedly is one of the best for singles. Allegedly there are TONS of young single people in Cleveland (area). Were there single guys out, yes. Did any catch my eye? No. The closest I got to flirting was with the girl in line for the bathroom with me.

I’m still a tad confused regarding this single city. Either I’m terrible at recognizing when guys are trying to flirt (possible), or guys (of a certain age, in general) are really terrible at flirting. And I mean with strangers, not with a girl they already know and feel comfortable with. I hold eye contact. I’m nice, and I have a conversation. I joke, and quip, and banter. I wish more guys would do the same, in a non-creepy manner, and then ASK the girl if she’s interested in more. Ask if she wants to continue the conversation, ask if you can get her number, ask if you can take her out and get to know her more. Don’t assume. This is how guys should be asking girls out. This just doesn’t happen “in the wild” for me…..

The nice guys online, I think, follow this model as well. They have an interaction with someone that they think is cute, message regarding a few topics, and then ask to move to a next step, such as texting or coffee or drinks. Why then are there so many guys doing this wrong? Have they been taught its ok? By other guys or the girls that allow the behavior?



4 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. I do not think you are wrong in that men doing know how to flirt anymore. I think online dating has KILLED that. I’ve asked men I’m friends with, a few I’ve dated, if they have EVER gotten a girls number from somewhere random, like the grocery or a 7-11 line…. and none of them ever have. They said they would never approach a stranger like that. It blows my mind. Have you seen that movie “The Intern” with Robert DeNiro? At one point he just calls up the massage lady from her business card, and asks her out… I was like, “What just happened up there? That doesn’t happen! No one does that? Did they used to do that?” I feel ROBBED that I go out in public, looking good and ready to flirt, and get at the most SMILES….. my friends say “You make the first move!” Ok… so point… but why should I have to present as a pushy female?? Why??? I need to work on that game, though, because I would much rather meet a man “organically” than online. (someone else told me meeting in the real world is “organic” I liked it. )

    So note to men out there who may be readying this: See that pretty girl at the store or in a gas station?? Strike up a conversation for godssakes!!!!! We are WAITING.


    • I know exactly two men who met their significant other in a public space (not through work, school, or mutual friends). One is my brother.

      I feel like the “online dating” is like practice dating. have absolutely no expectation that it will bring me someone that I would have a real connection with. I’d much rather have a meet cute and develop something in the real world anyway. I love the term “organically” for real world experience. I also like how it suggests little to no pressure, and allows for a natural pace. Too many times I feel like the online based dating is too forced… Too regimented…. Too demanding. If that makes any sense.

      Ps LOVED the movie The Intern.


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