Modern Romance

Have you read Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari? No? Are you online dating, or dating in general using ANY technology (even texting)? Then you should get this book and read it. Seriously.

It has something for everyone. Aziz makes it relatable and funny. There is a sociologist to make it kinda nerdy with facts and figures and statistics. It talks about the history of dating, and how dating works in real life, and then moves into how its changed with technology. Question being, dies technology make dating better or worse?

It also follows the change in our culture to explain a bit why people aren’t getting married in their 20s and how dating has changed because of it. People are no longer desperate to move away from home and so marry the first person (which maybe I did). Now there is this new phase “emerging adulthood” in which guys and gals figure out all this life stuff on their own, maybe while dating, and then find love and settle down closer to 30s.

It talks a little bit about how online dating works for men and women. The mentality and the motivation. Plus, I love that he calls men “bozos”.

I read it for the first time last year. I’m planning to read it again this month, I may even buy it.

So my question to you – Who’s in for a dating/daters book club? Who wants to read this book with me? I promise its not that long, and reads quickly. You can even supplement with Aziz Ansaris comedy specials – or Master of None on Netflix.


7 thoughts on “Modern Romance

      • I literally know nothing about the dating world but honestly he made me feel a little less nervous about the online stuff. There were a lot of good points about knowing what your dealbreakers are and what you really want ahead of time, not making a judgement after a meh first meeting, and making a point of doing something that is interesting to you if you are meeting a new person instead of just going to the same bar for a drink because it is a few short minutes from where you live. Granted, as a single working mom I do not have the energy or imagination for creative first dates, but these are all good reminders to essentially just go out, do something that sounds fun, and be open to interacting with a new person — then see if it goes anywhere. Oh– and I may be meeting a new person this weekend, actually. đŸ˜› Nervous about it being awkward, but proud of myself for taking a small step out again.

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  1. I have to finish it! I started it and was definitely not expecting the kind of book that it was (more research-heavy instead of actual humor) but I thought it was fascinating and a great read. Love him – Master of None is great, too!

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