What’s the point?

I’m still processing everything that happened in Hawaii. I will probably have a full write up next week. But the short version – Had an amazing time. Met cool people. Got hit on twice (guys love the move “take my number and let me know if you need advice on where to go”). Had one vacation fling, totally not on purpose.

On the way home on one of the flights I watched How to Be Single. Which I liked, and made me want to move to New York. But – the scene that stuck out the most to me? The one where the new couple is in the train station.



I’m sure a lot of people relate to this. There are definitely two camps of people online dating. Those looking to meet all the people, have fun, probably just for short term dating/hookups, and maybe see what develops… While the other type is actively looking for the one, with a strict screening process and therefore more invested when actually starting to date a person.

And in other news – Happy Birthday to me. Last year I was a mess. A crying, sad, emotional mess on my birthday. It was probably the last time I really cried. You know, more than the stray tear at the end of a Subaru commercial. As you might gather, I don’t cry much. So last year, the first as a single person, and basically the anniversary of my ex with his new girlfriend, was rough. I was dwelling on the I’m going to die sad and alone. This year, Hawaii helped soften the blow of single-dom and doing something I’ve wanted to do for so long allowed me to feel in control.






One thought on “What’s the point?

  1. I agree, there are 2 distinct groups on the online sites…. with 1 having a sub-set, or maybe its entire 3rd group. The ones who want to find a real person and live happily ever after. The ones who want to just date and have fun but really don’t care to settle down completely. And then the ones who are just wanting to sleep with as many people as they possibly can before they die.

    I’m honestly not sure where I was, but it wasn’t the last group. But I could just date and have fun together without the expectation of forever…. but I DO need that “We are only dating each other” type commitment. I don’t want them messing with others, I get physically nauseous at the thought that someone would leave one girls house after having sex, and then come over to mine and have sex with me. That’s not my thing.

    But… I deleted my sites and I feel like this is the time it will stick. I haven’t missed it one single time!!!

    I’m glad you had a great time and can’t wait to see pictures!!! Hawaii… gah… gorgeous, wish you were here!!

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