Hot Hawaiian

I can’t even begin to describe the amazing-ness that is Hawaii, and Oahu, and Waikiki, Lanikai, and Waimea Bay. Words and pictures do NOT do it justice. You really should go if you haven’t been yet. I’m already saving for my next trip.

We were there for a week (ish). Got in late Sunday. Rented a car for Monday and Tuesday. Did ALL the things. And then my travel partner (and BFF) had a conference to host. Wednesday we set up for the conference, and then that night we headed out to Chief’s Luau. It was a great time. The Luau itself was really cool. The setting was great, the people were great, and it is the thing to do especially if its your first time in Oahu.

The fun starts on the bus, you can include transportation into your luau ticket. The guy we had was funny, told lost of stories, pointed out a few fun facts about the island, and really talked a lot about himself and how he got to where he was. He had a whole little comedy routine going. During the night, he checked in with us a bit. My friend was having weird flashbacks, because she said he looked just like a deceased best friend of her husbands. She asked to take a picture with him, and he was nice about the whole thing.

After, we get on the bus, and he continues to tell stories/comedy routine. He’s adamant that he would give his contact info to anyone interested, and that he was always available to give advice on what to do on the islands. So we (my friend) asks if he is on Facebook. He says he is, but that he would look himself up, since there are fake accounts with his pictures. So, he friends himself using her phone, and then teases me asking if I don’t have Facebook. Uh… Um, yeah I have Facebook. I can be pretty dense sometimes.

When we get off the bus, getting his contact information comes up. And when my friend starts to take his number, he suggests that we both take his number, so there is a backup. He makes a comment about not usually liking girls on his bus, but that he liked us. Said he would give us a private show, but didn’t have time. Hahaha…. right?

We got to the hotel room, and started to look through all our pictures. We had the one picture of the three of us, and his number. I suggested my friend (whose phone the picture was on) text him the picture. He replied, trying to figure out which one of us was texting him.

The next morning I had a message. From him. I could now see his Facebook, and could look into a bit. Um, he is a model. He sings. He dances. He goes to cool looking parties, and seems to travel all over the world. He is really gosh darn good looking, hence the Hot Hawaiian nickname.

But I lost him before I even had a real chance. He told me he missed me so he wanted to say hi. I said I was glad he did. But he said “no ‘I miss you’ back. got it” (I added punctuation so it wouldn’t be as confusing as the first million times I read it). Anyway – Miss him? I don’t know him. I’m not really liberal with the “i miss you” phrase. I didn’t say it back, so I was cut. I guess. On to the next one. That was his qualifying round and I didn’t make it. It still makes me a bit angry, ugh how dare he! But, at the same time I do know that if that’s how he is, and how he expects a girl he just met to be, then I am not the girl for him.

He thought I had rejected him. I tried to clarify that I didn’t reject him, but also wasn’t trying to get a vacation hookup, and he took offense, assuming that I meant I thought that’s what he was after. Seriously not meant to be if there is THAT much miscommunication in the first 10 messages. Oh well.

And, really. When I opened up Tinder groups, there he was. On Tinder. I’m not making assumptions. I have no idea what his true intentions are/were. But I do know that he is a handsome single guy, who gets to do amazing things all over the world, and I’m a boring stay at home mom of two in the Midwest. I don’t mean it in a  – my self-esteem is shit and I don’t deserve this guy – kind of way. Its just pointing out the obvious life-style differences. If this was a romance novel, it might actually be the start of something. The characters may run into each other again, forcing the whole “meant to be angle” – but lets get real. Not going to happen!







2 thoughts on “Hot Hawaiian

  1. Hahaha, this story makes me laugh a bit!!! God help all the hot players when ALL us women catch on to how they work. LOL!! And I’ve had that miscommunication thing happen right up front… they always want to “work through it” and I’m always like, “Uh… that was a stupid thing to be all butthurt about, dude… no. If it happens NOW when we are BOTH supposed to be on best behavior, what happens in a month when we’ve relaxed a bit???”

    My daughter has been to Hawaii when she was in middle school, with a friend. She said I needed to go, that they were “my people” and no one used clocks, it was more like, “Gone to lunch, we might be back today.” LOL. Plus… I’m a beach girl through and through, I just don’t have the budget to be there as much as I’d like!!!!

    And if I went, I would totally want to have a little vacation fling… I mean… all the movies show it to be highly satisfying… I mean… Stella got her groove back and brought home Taye Diggs.

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  2. It really is amazing in Hawaii. I’m plotting how I can move there yesterday! I wasn’t a beach girl when I lived in Los Angeles, but I was all about it in Hawaii. The water was a perfect temperature, and so clear.

    Getting hit on in real life affirmed that it isn’t me – its where I live and my situation.


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