Dr. Hawaii

Wednesday night in Hawaii I was wrapping my head around Hot Hawaiian flirting with me. Questioning all the little side comments. Was he just being super nice, or was he flirting? Did he want to get to know me, or just want me?

Then Thursday I helped work the conference registration desk in the morning in order to earn my keep. You better believe I was eying up all the cute doctors as they checked in. Playing the game we all know as spot the wedding band. It was a small conference, so not a ton of options. I didn’t think much of it. We were busy getting lunch set, and my friend, and gone to check the timing of the last lecture. I wandered out toward that way, just in time for one of the younger cuter doctors to be walking out.

He made a move to hold the door for me, and I explained that I wasn’t going in, just peeking in. He asked, sleep apnea not your thing? Um no, doesn’t really float my boat. We chatted a bit. I explained that I’m “working” the conference, and really I was just riding my friends coattails and enjoying the trip, while helping. He is a local doctor, working and living in Hawaii with the amazing 1 week on 1 week off schedule. I went into the whole, live in Cleveland, from Los Angeles, and no I can’t leave because kids spiel. I thought he was just being really nice and friendly. Everyone in Hawaii is really nice and friendly (mostly). Why wouldn’t they be? They’re either there on vacation, or they live in an amazingly beautiful setting! With beaches and mountains, sand and rain forests.

He said he had a tee time to make (which explains the super casual look he had going), but he asked if I had dinner plans. Uh, yes. I do have dinner plans. He offered me his number in case we needed any suggestions/advice. In my head I’m thinking, I’ve researched the shit out of this island and I have yelp. What are these guys doing?! But then it dawned on me (I did say I was a bit dense at times, especially when it comes to guys) these guys offering their number and help WAS their way of flirting. In retrospect, I would guess that if I had said no to having dinner plans, then I might have scored a dinner invite. Note to self – say no next time a guy asks if I have plans. *But don’t be too available…

That night I did text, asking if he had any suggestions for the after-dinner drink, and I would have then asked to join us, had we ended up going out. I had dinner with the rest of the planning staff for the event, and we celebrated my birthday, at Roy’s. My friend and I enjoyed the walk back to our hotel, realizing that we were way too tired for another drink out.

Friday I was allowed to sleep in and we went to the conference mid morning. At some point in the morning, while I was busy talking to someone during one of the breaks, Dr Hawaii started chatting up my friend. She explained about the early bed time the night before, and that while we had a reception to go to that evening, we would be free after. She mentioned having him join us for drinks later, to which he agreed and I was in charge of texting.

The reception was fun, I had two drinks and a few nibbles. We went to the Top of Waikiki for their happy hour. There was PLENTY of room at the bar. The place is cool, but sitting at one of the tables gets you a better view. Also, at night, you can’t see the water. Those were really the only negatives. We started with prosecco…… and then had more prosecco. While there we started chatting up the two girls next to us, and made friends. We made tentative plans to try to meet up with them the next afternoon. During this time my friend convinced me that we should take a picture of the two of us with our drinks and send to Dr. Hawaii. He made his way over to the restaurant, but Top of Waikiki closes at 9:30. Yes. For reals!

We met up with Dr. Hawaii and moved our party to the roof top of Buho. A cute cantina type place with a roof top open air patio and fire pits. Dr. Hawaii bought us our first round of drinks, and then my friend said she was tired and had to leave. Then second round of drinks. Are you counting yet? Have you noticed that I’ve had 6 drinks thus far? Two white wines at the reception with minimal snacks, two proseccos with garlic fries, and then two cocktails one with gin, and one with tequila. Its pretty safe to say I was drunk. We chatted a bit more, and then I realized we were all alone in our little nook. And that’s when he kissed me. We kissed a bit longer, and then I think it dawned on both of us that we were alone. Like really alone. Like, wait, what time does this place close? We walk over to the bar to see everyone cleaning up, and the musical act packing up. We were told that the bar didn’t close for another hour, but it was EMPTY.

Outside we had a brief conversation. Him: I’d like to keep making out with you. Me: I am literally sharing a hotel room. Him: I know. We can get a cab to my place.

Something tells me this isn’t his first time with this. We go back to his, and I end up staying the night. In the morning, I had to get up early so I could get back to the hotel, change, and then go out to Pearl Harbor to get tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial. It was rough getting out of bed so early. He drove me to get coffee and then dropped me off at my hotel. He texts later to see if I got the tickets, which I did.

Sunday I leave Hawaii and fly to LAX. When we land in Los Angeles, I see that I have a text from him. He asks me when my flight home is…. uh… oops… I’m in LA. I get an “oh” reply and then he continues on to wish me safe travels. He says “I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you”. Dude. I appreciate the intent to be nice, but its not like commuting from Ohio to Hawaii is a thing. Its not like he needs to worry he will run into me again. I reply, and tell him to let me know if he’s ever in town.

I told Hot Hawaiian I wasn’t looking for a vacation hookup, and then that’s what I got with Dr. Hawaii.

And, that’s how one has their first one night stand.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Hawaii

  1. Great setting for a one night stand too. That Doc Hawaii guy…he had no idea you were leaving the Islands by the time he texted you? Guess he wasn’t paying attention. Well at least you got some vacation sex out of it and I hope it was good but really does it have to be since it was in Hawaii, haha? 🙂

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    • Ha! I’m not sure if it was that he wasn’t paying attention, or that I never said when we were leaving. But had he really wanted to make the effort to see me, I feel like he would have specifically asked “when are you leaving?” Or “can I see you again before you leave”.

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  2. That sounds like a great time! And I think if I was in Hawaii, I would just automatically assume with every man that it was going to be a one nighter… whether they lived there or were on vacation. (did that sound like I would sleep with several men while there? That isn’t what I meant. LOL.) And that would be fine. I mean, VACATION.

    Everyone needs a vacation trist story.

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  3. Good thing all turned out well for you…We have our share of crime here in the islands. One year, a beautiful young visitor was smitten with someone she met in Waikiki. Sadly, her body was discovered the next morning on Waikiki Beach. The person she had met had just that day been released from prison! Take care.


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