Hawaiian Adventures

I’m still obsessing about Hawaii. It was a much needed vacation. I really felt like I could relax in this space. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done on this island. If I lived there I’m sure I would keep all my beach gear in the car, ready to go at a moments notice!

If anyone wants a 2-3 day itinerary, I have one mapped out. And, if you are planning on going – take me with you!

I’m ignoring the snow and pretending I’m still there. On a beach. With a cute cabana boy bringing me drinks…..


Pali Lookout. Driving through feels like Jurassic Park. Smells like dirt, looks gorgeous. Great view of Kailua and Kaneohe Bays.


The view of Waikiki Beach from my hotel room! Not too shabby.



Just a random beach…


Waimea Valley waterfall. Definitely worth braving the cold water.


Halona Beach Cove


View of Sandy Beach from the Halona Blowhole.


Lanikai Beach. Rated #1 beach in US.


Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the distance.


At Pearl Harbor memorial. USS Arizona memorial in the background.


Big surf crashing into the jumping rock at Waimea Bay.


Sunset at Waimea Bay. Absolutely best place on earth.

I have two real vacations to take this year, and so I’m in the planning stages now. If anyone has a recommendation of a cool place to go to, and wont break the bank, let me know!

For the next Dating Book Club, I’m reading Date-onomics. Review post to come mid-February.


7 thoughts on “Hawaiian Adventures

  1. I looove Hawaii. I just wrote about it too in case you want to have a look. Since you are so fond of it, I think you might enjoy my take of it. http://www.miles-away.blog

    With your two vacations coming up, did you mean new spots in Hawaii or worldwide suggestions? How long is each vacation?

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    • Ooh! I’ll have to check it out. I meant Hawaii or otherwise. I’m working on getting my passport updated. And am interested in going to Puerto Rico. Each is a week. One in spring and one in summer.


      • Been to Europe already? Croatia is gorgeous in the summer and once there pretty affordable.
        Are you more attracted to warm places or northern places?

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  2. I lived in Hawaii for awhile. I liked it. However “rock fever” is a real thing, at least for me…Realizing you’re stuck on an island a long way from anywhere and can’t just drive to the next state.
    I’ve travelled all over and I love Iceland if you are interested in hiking, mountaineering, waterfalls, hot springs….It’s not that warm though.

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