You know, maybe I’m not so bad at this whole dating thing. Is what I think as I get a text from a random number. The random number says, “What’s up (Name Deleted)! :)” I show my friend the phone, “I don’t know who is texting me.” She remembers what I don’t. I gave my number to the waitress where we had dinner, after asking her about the cute guy at the host desk. Two very important questions. Is he single? Yes, she confirms that he is single. Is he an asshole? No, she says he is not an asshole, from the few times they’ve been around each other in a group setting. Well…. This may be too good to be true. A young single cute guy who is not an asshole trying to pick up all the chicks. I mean, if I was him I would totally flirt with every cute single guy. He wasn’t overly flirty, he wasn’t cocky, he did not appear to be a conceited player trying to get laid by all the females.

I reply Hey without even thinking. Fuck. I don’t remember his name. He knows mine because I wrote it on the back of a receipt. Like you do when passing your number to a cute guy that works at a restaurant. My friend and I are going back and forth trying to brainstorm the best way to ask him who he is without asking him who he is, or assuming its someone it isn’t. My friend enlists the help of a random male also waiting for valet. We ask him his thoughts, and at that point I just hand over my phone. What do I have to lose? He types in “It’d be wonderful to know with whom I have the pleasure of speaking with (smile face emoji)”. Wow. Random dude with great grammar. Can I hire you to compose all my texts? Because, really, that was not just writing, that was composing. The phone vibrates and we have our answer – it is my new friend I just met. He called himself my new friend. Awwww. So sweet! At this point I’m driving, and my friend has reign over the phone. We discuss all our options for responding. Finally I have her send a Joey How You Doin’ gif. And instead of going into flirty mode, he actually answers the question of how is he doing. Wait – What?! Not an asshole, not trying to flirt at 1am? Maybe this guy is really nice. Maybe he’s not into girls? He wishes me an enjoyable rest of my evening. Uh. No! No NONONONONONONO Obviously he is not a hook up guy. Awesome, but how do I get this thing to move forward since boys are dumb? I ask about his plans for the next day. Score! He has the day off. I suggest brunch and we make a plan. EEEEEEEEEE!

I pull into the parking lot at 12:02. Just a few minutes after the planned meet time. I sit, and play on my phone another minute, and then head my way inside. I purposely picked a place on his side of town, that I knew doesn’t get too crazy busy for brunch. I walk in, and he’s not there, so I get sat and wait. And text him that I’m sitting. He walks in a few minutes later, and yup still cute! Tallish, thin, pale, light brown short hair in a pseudo military fade, and just enough facial stubble. As he talks, I notice what I hadn’t before – dimples – on both sides. Barely noticeable due to the stubble.

We start to talk about all manners of things; Cleveland, California, work, kids, travel, college, and next thing I know its two hours later. The restaurant I picked was on his side of town, and the first thing he says when he sits, that he’s been meaning to go there. I mention I stopped at Lola last night for dessert – oh, he says, he’s never been there either. Which begs the question, well, why haven’t you? Dimples replies that his usual group of friends always goes to the same place. BORING! But I get it. He’s young, and doesn’t have a ton of disposable income. And then, boom. He lives with his parents. He had to move back in with them after taking a dream job that started as part time. He lives with his parents, and I am a parent. I guess we got all that out of the way.

We walk out and he says the nice to meet you, and I give him a hug. I say give me a call some time like an old geezer, instead of saying he should text me. I might as well have told him to use smoke signals. UGH. We did not talk about age. I didn’t even have his last name. But I came home and started researching. It didn’t take me long to figure out his last name. I like to wait after the first meeting/date to then consult google. I was really hoping that this guy was late 20’s but gosh darn it, nope. He’s 25. Twenty-freaking-five. But Dimples doesn’t act like a party guy like The Kid. No. Dimples seems to be the responsible type. He’s got the day job, in the industry and organization that is where he wants to be, he’s got his in and he’s trying to make it into a full time gig. And even though he lives with his parents, he has taken a second job.  He’s not exactly free-loading. At least, that is what I’m telling myself.

I’m curious what the flip side is. I’m wondering if he walked out of there and thought, hey she seemed like a cool girl, or if it was more along the lines of dude she has small kids nope. Did he go home and research me? Did he figure out my age from Google? It did seem like maybe he doesn’t date a lot. That is the impression that I got. So maybe, we can just be friends. It’s refreshing to meet guys in real life, and see their game in action as opposed to having to read between the lines of pictures, profiles, and messaging. He is someone I would like to get to know better.

It’s mid February, and I’ve gotten 4 numbers so far this year. And yes, I am patting myself on the back. It is scary to put your self out there, to ask someone if they are single, to see if they want your number, or ask for theirs. I doubt The Kid or Dimples will lead to anything. But maybe this is my year to just date and make new friends. No new boyfriends in 2017. Who knows!


Also – Dating Book Club – I just finished reading It’s Not Okay, by Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. I never was a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. But I randomly picked this up from the library, and it was better than I expected it to be. Its a very fast read. So pick it up! We can discuss in March.






4 thoughts on “Dimples

  1. I LOVE how you got his phone number- 4 so far this year is flat out INSPIRING! To me you are Cool Girl x 20 🙂 I do NOT love that he lives with his parents….that’s kinda a deal breaker at this point…yeah…
    That said though…I’m always a huge sucker for dimples!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Girl! You’ve got to shoot your shot- or whatever the cool kids are saying nowadays 🙈

      Yeah the living with parents thing is not ideal AT ALL. Might stagnate in friend land for a while until he figures that out. 🤔


  2. I’m with NY Cliché… INSPIRED. So far outta my box to be that bold!!!! The parents would be a deal breaker with me, simply because I have roommates as well… ONE of us in the situation needs a place to be alone and loud. LOL.

    I felt badass just for talking to a guy at the gas pump the other day, like an actual conversation… but now I feel like I can do more. LOL.

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