Dimples: Date 2

I got home from brunch and googled Dimples. I stalked and discovered he’s probably about 25 years old. I chalked the whole thing up to experience. I thought for sure he went home and tried to google me. Probably figured out how old I am, or something. But, do guys do this? Do they google people like women do? Are they  internet stalking us just as hard as we internet stalk them? Side note: do not actually in real life stalk anyone!

I also am not sure how easy I am to google if you don’t know a lot. But at this point, I’m thinking he’s 25 at his parents house debating the merits of dating a single mom. Ha! It doesn’t sound good at all. For me or him, honestly. So, Yes. I was surprised when he texted me the next day saying he had a good time and was I free on Friday. Oh. Well. And here was my dilemma: do I just say no, because I had kids that weekend? Or do I try to find a babysitter?

Well, I said no. But he did leave it open to future scheduling. I knew I wouldn’t be available this past weekend, because I had plans to visit Detroit. But when I had an unexpected opening on a Thursday night, I thought, What the heck – why not?! On a Wednesday night, I text him if he is free for dinner the next night. And amazingly he says yes. We make a plan to meet at the new microbrewery on my side of town.

He messages me that he is there, and put his name down and no rush. GAH! I’m in my driveway, putting in directions. He’s already there?! He’s EARLY! He says he wanted to make sure he wasn’t keeping me waiting, since last time he was a few minutes behind me getting to brunch. Uh. Wow. That seems thoughtful, and very unexpected.

I was there at the intended meet-up time, and lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait much longer for a table. We sit and chat, and we share some french fries. We order food and he is so very stereotypically Midwestern. I get a Vietnamese noodle salad, and he orders mac and cheese. He’s not a fan of what I got, and I’m not into his. At least I won’t ever have to worry about sharing my food? I get to a point, in which I have to take a break from my food. I mention how good it is, but that I’m getting so full. He says, Oh I am so glad you said something, or I would have kept trying to eat. And it takes me a second to process this statement. Because when was the last time you were out with someone who followed eating etiquette rules that you should continue to eat for as long as your date is eating? Are people doing this and just not saying anything? Have you noticed that other people eat more or less if you are eating more or less, respectively? Am I just not that observant?

While we are chatting and eating, it does come up again that he doesn’t get out much. And by doesn’t get out much, I mean he must live under a rock. I mentioned my trip to Detroit to visit friends, and the possibility of going to IKEA. And he says, What’s IKEA? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I grabbed the table to steady myself. I almost fell out of my chair. How does this guy NOT KNOW what IKEA is? I try to explain. But, IKEA is a thing to be experienced.

We finish up, and I have to get going, because I have to pick up kids. He walks me to my car, and I give him a hug. He says goodnight, and that was that. No kiss. And to be fair I didn’t make a move either.  Hmm… I’m definitely getting good vibes from this guy. He is polite, nice, thoughtful, and respectful. But, I do pause at the parental issue. Like deep sigh pause. And he is young, like really young. Maybe super slow isn’t a terrible idea with this guy. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong. Maybe he’s not interested in me and dating, as much as he is interested in a friendship.

I get home, and realize its started to snow, and then I see that there is even more snow on his side of town. I text, a short note about his drive home, and hopefully it wasn’t too snowy. He chats with me a bit, and then I let it drop.

I go up to Detroit and have great time. I stop by IKEA and get the few things I needed to get. I meant to take pictures. I thought it would be funny to send to Dimples. I got home after driving the 3 hours back, and realized – oops. No pictures. I text him anyway – meant to take a picture for you at IKEA, I forgot! He made a joke about it. I let it go, and then he messages again the next day, how was the rest of my weekend? So, it feels like he is trying. Which is appreciated. I’m all for making first moves. I don’t mind it at all really, but after that I need to feel like the guy is also making an effort. I need to see that if it went further he would pull his weight, so to speak. Or really, that he’s not a narcissistic asshole that will make everything about him and what he gets out of a friendship/relationship.


While I was at IKEA, in the rug section I overhear:

Guy: I like this rug

Girl: Well I really like this one, and don’t like the one you picked. Why don’t we get this one.

Guy: I don’t understand why we cant find a rug that we both like.

And scene.



4 thoughts on “Dimples: Date 2

  1. Hahaha.. ok the little play at the end, isn’t that the way??? Poor guy…

    So Dimples… I say, ride the wave until it’s over. I mean… maybe it isn’t a long term possibility, (maybe it is)… but what’s the harm in enjoying who seems to be a super thoughtful, polite, cute guy for a while? I, myself, have struggled with the age thing. I have been asked by a few super young guys before, and always turned them down. But lately I’ve really rethought that decision and decided next time if I’m actually into them at all, then I’m saying yes… what could it hurt?! So go for it. Slow is always a good thing, but enjoy it! Slow shouldn’t be a problem since you have kids and he lives with his parents. LOL. Right?

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  2. OH… and I once dated this super sweet polite guy, and he didn’t kiss me until like the 5th date, and that was closed mouth. I was DYING… I was like, “well obviously he isn’t into me that way, he wants to be friends” but then he’d keep asking me out to do things and I would get a very DATEY vibe… then nothing… back and forth…. I may have actually mentioned it at some point when I finally got a kiss the next date. LOL. He just didn’t want to “push me.”

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