Dimples: 3rd Times a Charm

This wasn’t supposed to be a Dimples update. I had no plans to see him this past weekend. I actually tried to schedule a last minute meet with a Bumble guy I had been chatting with. While Dimples is the only guy I’m actively seeing (with all my tons of spare time, she said sarcastically), I am keeping my options open and chatting a guy or two on bumble, that I haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet, and there are one or two guys who have messaged me on POF that don’t seem terrible.

Saturday night I had plans to meet a friend, and her two coworker friends at the Cleveland Scene Vodka Vodka Party. I was told to buy the VIP ticket. Which included 7 drink tickets, a glass, and extra hour of party time, a fashion show, and a gift bag. Several vodka brands were represented, and you could choose a mix-in or one of their specialty cocktails depending on the vendor.

I make it to my friends house in Cleveland Heights, and park, we eat and chat for a minute, and then request an Uber. Who has to drop someone else off…. ok….. still waiting…. he goes past her house….. still waiting. I suggest I look if I can request an Uber. I look it up and ask her how much hers said it would cost, she tells me about $9. Uh…. Ok keep that and call or text the guy, I tell her, because otherwise mine says a 2 minute drive is going to cost $50! Stupid premium times. We miss most of our first non-crowded VIP hour, but oh well. We get in, get in line, and boom! VODKA drink. Party Started.

We wander around and find that this place has a lot of nooks and crannies. After finding her friends, we wander and chat some more. Two of us are single, and the other two have boyfriends. The one friend with a boyfriend started playing “the next guy” game and was terrible at it! I was surprised at the number of older people at this event (like 50+) and had expected more of a younger crowed. While it made for great people watching, it was not in anyway a good mixer to meet people.

Despite being maybe one of the worst places to try to pick up a guy, it was a really fun time. Somehow the topic of Dimples came up (mainly because the friend I was with was the same friend I was out with before when I slipped him my number). They all encouraged me to text him, to get him to meet us out later. I asked if he was working, and he said he was, but that we should stop by. I left it up to the ladies. We tried to go to a different bar that was less of a walk. It seemed like a fun place, and had a great male to female ratio, but I think we needed food after all the vodka that happened. Which is how we came to go to the restaurant Dimples works at. He takes us to a table, and while we are following him, I can hear one of the girls in my ear, in a stage whisper, “he has a nice tush!”

The place had amazing food, we fill up and then its on to the next place. As we are heading out I stop to say bye. I tell him we are headed out to Lakewood (and that I’m not in charge). Minutes after we walk into the bar in Lakewood several things happen – we get hit on by very young guys who keep trying, I get a beer handed to me very promptly, and Dimples texts me to let me know he is on his way, and that we should update him if we change venues. Oh. Well that sounds intentional.

He shows up and gives me a bit of a side hug, I can’t really get up out of my chair since there seems to be a lot of people at this place. And all seemingly college kids. I felt so old. Anyway, my friend tells Dimples he need to put his arm back around me since there are several persistent guys we are trying to stave off. He obliges, and stays close until the guys zero in on another target. Unfortunately, since sticking close by makes it difficult for him to get a drink, I give him my beer. At some point a friend hands me a whiskey shot, which I pass to Dimples as well…. and then a second whiskey shot. Probably something extra terrible like fireball. I’m drinking water. Lots of water. Which, coincidentally I had been drinking most of the night. Instead of the vodka like everyone else. They all had about 5 vodka drinks, plus their bonus shot at the Absolut booth, while I had two and water.

Dimples and I chat, and make comments about the crazy bar we are in. He’s telling me that the kids I thought were kids are probably either in college, or home from college on break. Making them 21-23ish. Now we are talking about age. And it was a bit awkward. I knew he was probably 25ish, but it was confirmed that he is 24, soon to be 25. And by soon I mean at some point, this year. Oh Boy. He guesses my friend’s age as about 27, and she lets him know shes turning 30 this year. So, if he’s putting this all together, hes probably guessing I’m in her age range. But, no one asks me or brings the conversation to me, and I’m keeping my mouth shut!

Magically the clock strikes 2, and suddenly it’s 3am. DAMN YOU Daylight savings time! We finish up, and round up lady friends. We request an Uber, and HOLY SHIT its going to cost over $50! Oh for crying out loud peak times! This is just silly. Dimples suggests that he drive me and friend back to her place. Uh, are you sure? cause it is like a 20/30 minute drive. He insists and we take him up on his offer.

I’m not going to lie, I spent the entire drive judging him. And he kept passing. He’s a good driver. He had decent, non-obnoxious music on via his phone bluetooth. He was super gentlemanly about the whole driving thing. I keep thinking, wow, he reminds me of me when I was that age. Which I haven’t decided is good, bad, or weird. He does seem “old” for his age.

Then I kissed him. I decided on the way that I would. I made up my mind I mean. I thanked him for driving, again, and then I leaned over. I think I was half hoping it would be a terrible kiss, and then that would be my answer. But nope. Not terrible at all. Very nice. Not super omg hot, but very nice.

That’s it. That’s my update. Dimples continues to be a really nice guy, who does nice things, and happens to be a nice kisser.


3 thoughts on “Dimples: 3rd Times a Charm

  1. I recognize MY sense of caution in your words. LOL. Just they way you are telling the story, like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop or something. LOL. I’m glad he’s being good…. I mean, like I said before, ride it until it stops!

    I’ve already learned men don’t always give two shits about age. OLDER men do, sometimes, if they are those letchy types who want a young girl… but generally, guys don’t map that stuff out like we seem too, so maybe Dimples HASN’T marked you around your 30 year old friends age… maybe he hasn’t marked you as anything but you. It’s a wild concept, trust me I understand.


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