Bumble in Austin

I admit it. I don’t like it when it happens to me, but I am also guilty. I vacation Tinder and Bumble. Mostly I vacation Tinder in odd free moments. I get a feel of what the guy population is like in a city. I tend to have higher standard when I vacation swipe since IF I matched anyone it wouldn’t be very likely that we meet. I get to be pickier because its fantasy. Its fun. I’m not trying to meet the guy, its just an ego boost.

Side note – there are a LOT of bystanders on Tinder and Bumble. People that are “just lookers”. Its a frustrating part of online dating because there will always be more users than ACTIVE users. It gives a person a skewed perception regarding the amount of people available, versus the amount of people matching, versus the amount of people actually engaging in real conversation.

The guy at dinner in Austin that met his wife. That I mentioned here. His brief story – He was just out of a relationship, someone mentioned Tinder to him (it was new-ish), he signs on an swipes a bit. Matches a great girl, they go out (even though he didn’t think he was looking for a relationship) and BOOM – now married. What the ACTUAL fuck?! How does this happen to people? How is it not happening to more people?! Why are the majority of people terrible?!

I vacation Tinder (and Bumble) because I get bored. Because I want to check out the man population in different towns. Because its fun to read the profiles. What did I learn? Then men on Bumble in Austin feel the need to list if they can fold a fitted sheet or not. Say what now? Yes. You heard me. They are talking about fitted sheets and they housekeeping, domestic, laundry folding skills, or lack thereof in their dating profile. This is something I have never seen before. I Tinder and Bumble semi-regularly (mostly swiping left) in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Detroit, when I was in Hawaii…. and Austin was the ONLY place where I saw this. And it wasn’t just on one, or two, it was on many. More than 5. Enough for it to be significant in the minimal amount of swiping that I did.

What does that tell us about the guys of Austin? Maybe they are all friends and thought it was funny to include? Maybe that’s their way of saying they are domesticated? I have no idea. Very curious indeed.

Are you vacation Bumbleing or Tindering? What do you think of it? Love it? Hate it?


2 thoughts on “Bumble in Austin

  1. I don’t use any apps now, but when I was on them, I had a guy (From Austin, incidentally) that didn’t mention folding sheets, but he did mention that he was heteroflexible and looking for a “fun” girl. His picture was also questionable, with himself laying down in a sexy pose, no head, pants pushed down so you could see his happy trail, and his belt unbuckled……


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