Austin Texas – Travel Recap

I am such a bad blogger. But! Better late than never. Here is a recap of what I did in Austin.

First, I’d like to thank random OKCupid guy for sending me this link. Its a list of things to do in Austin, and because I love a list, I turned it into my person checklist.

First things first – If you are going to go to Austin, you should know they do NOT have Uber. They have alternatives. The top two, that were recommended to me, are Fasten and Fare. I ended up liking Fare best, and used it for my time there. That said, if you stay downtown, much of the city is walkable.

The State Capitol – The state Capitol is right downtown, easy to get to and there are free tours happening from 8-5ish most days. Texas is very proud of being Texas. Its always amazing to me how this manifests itself in not just state pride, but physically – they make EVERYTHING Texas shaped. All the time. I once drove through Texas, and happened to stop at a McDonalds and the sinks in the bathroom were Texas shaped. That said, the Capitol building wouldn’t be the capitol building without custom brass door knobs and hinges that say TEXAS CAPITOL.

Congress Ave Bats – The Congress bridge is home to a bajillion bats (roughly). They leave at dusk nightly, and are amazing to watch fly through the sky. People start lining up early along the bridge, but I liked my view from the water.

Rainey Street – Come on a weeknight. Rainey street during the week is a chill place. People who live in the upscale condos are enjoying a beer, having food truck dinners and watching a game. There are a lot of outdoor patios and dogs are welcome. This is nowhere close to the crazy that happens on 6th Street, but it does get wild on the weekend. The weekend brings a younger crowd, and I saw several bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Food Trucks – They are everywhere! The food trucks in Austin are less mobile trucks and more semi-permanent trailers. They are set up all over the city, since the weather is nice almost year round. We had tacos from one set up in the back yard of a house-turned-bar on Rainey Street.

Float The River – San Marcos River is a popular spot for river float tours. They drive you, your friends, and your beverages out to the drop off spot. You pick your tube, and they provide a cooler with its own tube. We did this, and despite it being a little cloudy we had a great time.

Cheer a Sport – I did watch a Warriors vs Spurs game, while on Rainey Street, so that counts!

Museums – I went to the Bullock Museum and learned all about the history of Texas. There are a ton of smaller museums in the area as well.

Live Music – It is really hard to not find live music in Austin. From 6th Street, to Rainey, even out in the middle of nowhere BBQ joints, everywhere has live music.

South Congress – Stepping onto the other side of the Congress bridge is like stepping into Palm Springs, CA in a lot of ways. Suddenly the skyscrapers of downtown begin to fade into the background and everything has a mid-century mod feel. Don’t miss out on the awesome boutiques!

Eat Good Food – I mean, no brainer, right?! In this context it means eat at a place that serves locally sourced good food. For this we went to Perla’s. Great seafood. The char-grilled oysters were probably the highlight of the meal.

Bonus – Breakfast Tacos. Something that I’ve only ever heard of in Austin. I’m not even sure that its a thing in other parts of Texas. I was very skeptical at first, but man. It was delicious.

Austin is basically a Texas-ier version of Nashville. Maybe if Nashville and San Francisco had a baby? There is a lot of music, a lot of partying, a lot of young people, and a lot of fun. I can see why it was named one of the best cities in the country!

Keep it weird Austin!



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