Think and Drink… And Wink ;)

I FINALLY made it to a Think and Drink event. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History hosts a happy hour of sorts on the third Wednesday of the month featuring local breweries and wineries. Sometimes they have food featured from the breweries too…. sometimes its just food from the museum cafe. For more info on upcoming Think and Drinks – Museum Events.

This month was “Life After Death” – there were tables set up through the museum halls with experts talking about things like fossils and preparing specimens for display at the museum. Each table had an expert that you could talk to and ask questions, getting a more in depth and interactive museum experience. The whole experience had me questioning my career path. I majored in History, my favorite class in college was animal biology. I’m now wondering why didn’t I major in a natural science – and then work in a museum?!? Ugh. I really am way too indecisive. Can I just go back to college permanently?!? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?! Right, well there’s my existential crisis for today…. moving on…

I went with a fellow nerd friend. I’m outgoing, and when it comes to people, I’m pretty fearless and blunt (in the nice way). I’m friends with A because I made her be my friend. I met her through a mutual friend. We all went out together for a restaurant week dinner. I knew after that dinner that she and I had a lot in common. I didn’t make my move right away. We hung out as a group another time, a few months later, and then a few more months later I wanted to go out. I was texting my friend, who is a mom and could not go out, and basically said – Text A, find out if shes busy, make her go out with me tonight. Maybe I’m a little bossy at times. Anyway, we did go out (that was the night I met Dimples – jerk) and while A is not single, she is in a LDR and has a bit of time on her hands. She also loves a good nerd/food/shopping event, so we have found ourselves hanging out about once a month.

We meandered through the Think and Drink. Sibling Rivalry was the featured brewery at this months event. The Lavender Wit was meh, and the Coffee Red was AMAZING. New favorite beer. We people watched. The event was a mix of the young and old, seemingly mostly 28-40 I would guess. We saw a lot of groups of friends, possibly co-workers enjoying the event after work. Walking through there was a scientist that looked to be mid 30s, he was passionately describing his work to other event attendees, I thought he was cute, and looked for an opportunity to chat, but sadly he was very popular, and I wasn’t going to jockey for a spot.

One guy stood out to me. A guy, man, late 30s-early 40s, a trimmed beard with a bit of grey in it, dressed nicely in a button up and slacks meaning probably a professional, with two young boys, under the age 8, very well behaved. My first thought was single dad. This must be his night with kids, and why not bring them with? My second thought was maybe his wife had a late night and he’s trying to keep the kids occupied (in an educational manner) until bedtime. I had time to observe him, the kids were RIDICULOUSLY well behaved, so it is possible he was not the dad, maybe he’s an uncle giving the parents a short break. At one point I saw him sitting on a bench with the kids, as we walked toward him I obviously was looking, I checked for a ring, none. I saw him look up at me and continued to make eye contact, breaking it to look forward for a few steps and then looking back to see that he was still looking, so I smiled, a small knowing half smile. And that’s all. That was it. We moved on and next time I looked over he was gone, probably left to go take the kids home.

We left, found dinner, and made our way home. But, this event has me clearing the third Wednesday of every month on my calendar and contemplating buying a museum membership.


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