7 Fun Facts!

I love reading everyone’s 7 facts about themselves. I thought no one would remember to tag me to give mine. I thought I would skip it. Ha! And then Not So Sex In The City tagged me on twitter. Oh man. I’m sure she meant someone else. Eek!

So, in no particular order –

1. The Blog – I started this blog because I started dating and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had a boyfriend in high school, we stayed together through college and then I married him. 10 years (ish) into the marriage he asked for a divorce. I had NEVER dated before. It wasn’t just new territory in that I didn’t understand MODERN dating with technology, I honestly didn’t know or understand ANY of the rules.

2. I haven’t been in love since my divorce – and I can’t really remember the last time I was. I question how “in love” I was when I got married. I made the commitment, but looking back I should not have done it. If it weren’t for my kids, I’m not sure I would ever really know what love meant. I know it sounds sad and depressing, but I’m a really happy person, and I have love in a general kindness to all mankind way. I have the love of friends, and family. And, maybe, that’s all I need. It would be nice to feel loved in a way that I don’t think I have felt yet, but I’m ok if I don’t have that. Along the same lines, I find it hard to show emotions and/or affection. I grew up in a house where affection and emotion was non existent (well except anger) and I did not have models for healthy behavior. In my entire life I have seen my parents kiss twice. I have no memory of my parents telling me they loved me until I said it first when I was in college. I am emotional and affectionate with my kids, and too an extent with close friends, but I find it difficult with a romantic interest because I constantly question if its forced or fake. I know this is mostly me overthinking. I’m working on it.

3. I was once in a musical, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was one of the best experiences of my life. We spent a couple of days in London, took a tour of the globe theater, street performed in Edinburgh on the royal mile, I bought my prom dress from a vintage store while wondering and shopping. I also got to see Assassins and Les Mierables during this trip. I loved this trip, but it is currently tainted with memories of my ex, and I would love nothing more than to plan a new trip to London and Edinburgh to make new memories.

4. I have no idea what I want to BE when I grow up. I’m very blessed to be able to be “funemployed” right now in order to stay home with kids. But that will end very soon with my youngest starting school. I basically thought I was retiring from work life to raise kids when I had my second and quit my job, at the request and encouragement of my ex. I’m constantly changing my mind regarding what i should DO when I go back to work. I love baking. but as much as I love it, I wouldn’t be able to BE a baker because those are some shit hours. I like to pretend that 4 am does NOT exist. Also, I don’t know how i would be able to work in a bakery and figure out childcare. I really enjoy interior design, and I have been told by actual designers that I have a good eye. I struggle with going back to school in order to get essentially the same level degree (with a very different skill set, granted), and the potential for a good well paying job, not in retail, is rare and those odds don’t seem great to me. But the ultimate in dream jobs is a tie between running a bed and breakfast (preferably with a good friend or significant other) OR owning/running a used book store.

5. I’ve never done any illegal drugs. Ever. True story.

6. I used to work at a clothing store in Pasadena, California. Famous people would come in all the time. I sold a pair of jeans to David Lee Roth, and a baseball cap to John Cleese and his wife. Living in LA is a weird mix of people, and I loved it.

7. ummmmm. I’m running out of facts. Oh! Fact is I make really silly faces when I talk, and react to things. So…. chances are when you see me use an emoji, I’m probably actually making that face. AND because I am so expressive, I’m a terrible liar.

So, there you have the 7 (kinda) Fun Facts about me. You’re turn! Comment with a fun fact about yourself, or blog about it!


3 thoughts on “7 Fun Facts!

  1. I so get #2. I not question is what I had with my “big love” was really a healthy love… wasn’t it more like infatuation? Is that REALLY love? Meh… And I think as we are older and we now understand more of what is important, it changes what love feels like… this is a whole topic for me and I won’t go way in now…


  2. I am very lucky in that I had a BIG love, after being divorced. My second marriage was amazing, and I’m so glad I got to show my daughter how it’s done. After 15 years together, he passed away after a very brief battle with lymphoma. Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever have a love like that again…of course, I’m supposed to feel lucky that I ever did, I know. But, still.

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    • You were very lucky. But you should never stop believing you could have it again. You might not, but you just never know. And, it may just be different next time. I’ve stopped comparing how I feel to what I THINK I should feel… does that make sense? I’m seeing someone now, and I think he might be a permanent fixture, but nothing I feel is like I did with my “big” one… it’s all different, and I’m beginning to appreciate it for what it actually is.


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