When is it ok to have a threesome?

I’m out with my friend, in the Spaniard’s neighborhood. There was no communication after the last date. I took the chance and sent a quick message that we were trying a spot he recommended. His response was short and I didn’t push for more conversation. My friend and I continue our wine and dinner night, […]

Thoughts on Breakups

Is it possible to be so emotionally damaged that you can’t recover? Triggered over and over and over that you just end up broken, instead of coming out the other side healed? I’ve lost my appetite. My jaw hurts from clenching. I’m listening to all the Taylor Swift. I’m not sleeping well. Shit. I’m seeing […]

Someone Else

His OkCupid profile says he is seeing someone, and it’s not me. Saturday we go out for pizza, we wander around a book store chatting about books we’ve read, favorite authors, he suggests we start our own book club. The night before he asked if I was into board games, I replied that I was […]


Shit. I’m going to be late. Shit! shitshitshit. I text him and let him know I’m going to be 10 minutes late. Its really 15 minutes, and honestly I didn’t plan for parking being such a disaster so I ended up 30 minutes late. Not a good start to the date. We matched on Bumble. […]