Mountaineer – Friended?

The Mountaineer suggested we go on a day trip. He suggested Pittsburgh, but I don’t know much more about what to do in Pittsburgh other than a few downtown spots and museums. The weekend promised 80 degree temperatures and so wanted to make sure we could take advantage since soon enough it will be too […]

Pink Slip

Two weeks of radio silence. Completely. Date on Friday. He went home Saturday. I texted Sunday. He responded Monday.  And then nothing. After a week and a half I sent a “hey stranger” check in – still nothing. The only acceptable excuse, we all know, could only be extreme tragedy. If Dimples, or a direct […]

The Mountaineer

In all of the updating on Dimples, I realize I haven’t even MENTIONED the Mountaineer. Not here at least. I have on Twitter. In between all of the wishy washy Dimples dates I decide that I should keep my options open. I refine my Tinder and OKCupid profiles and wade through the shit storm of […]


I have been savoring the memory of Friday night all weekend. Stand Up Paddle-boarding was cancelled – due to high winds. We will need to reschedule. The weather had turned, it was cool and very windy, but we could still have a beach day, right?! I made several suggestions, and we both agreed we wanted […]

Tour Guide

My next official date with Dimples is this Friday. Somehow I came up with the brilliant idea that we should go stand-up paddle-boarding. I’m sure its going to be a hot mess. BUT last Friday night I was out near where he works and sent him a text. It was the next day that I […]

Is He Just Not That Into Me?

Dimples is turning into a saga. Not because there is drama. No. Because this has been a kinda sorta thing since February. Most guys are very clear when they make their intentions known. I feel like I’m getting mixed messages from Dimples and I don’t even know if I believe in mixed messages. We all […]