Someone Else

His OkCupid profile says he is seeing someone, and it’s not me. Saturday we go out for pizza, we wander around a book store chatting about books we’ve read, favorite authors, he suggests we start our own book club. The night before he asked if I was into board games, I replied that I was […]


Shit. I’m going to be late. Shit! shitshitshit. I text him and let him know I’m going to be 10 minutes late. Its really 15 minutes, and honestly I didn’t plan for parking being such a disaster so I ended up 30 minutes late. Not a good start to the date. We matched on Bumble. […]

Birthday Drink

Every time I come on here I realize its been FOREVER since I last wrote. I should start setting an alarm to write… I met up with Rural for a birthday drink – as friends – after he bailed on me. He apologized. He said several nice things, but he also said some really stupid […]

Rural Paints

If you follow me on Twitter(or here), you have heard about Rural. He’s a terrible communicator. He’s not emotionally available. He’s really bad at making plans, which irritates the hell out of me when I’m constantly making plans. He DOES have some redeeming qualities. He is very nice to look at. He voted for Hillary. […]

The Non-Voter

Vest Guy. We matched via Bumble. He was funny and quirky. I made a joke about one of his pictures, and easy flow of conversation took over. He started in on the good mornings WAY TOO soon. Warning sign. But when I pushed it, he was adamant that it was something he believed in doing. […]

7 Fun Facts!

I love reading everyone’s 7 facts about themselves. I thought no one would remember to tag me to give mine. I thought I would skip it. Ha! And then Not So Sex In The City tagged me on twitter. Oh man. I’m sure she meant someone else. Eek! So, in no particular order – 1. […]