Dating Book Club

I don’t watch the Bachelor regularly. I haven’t been a fan. The last full season I watched was while I was in college. All my roommates were into it so I found myself watching with them. Which, lets be honest, is the best way to watch the show, with friends and wine and making jokes […]

Swan Song

I think MJ is a weirdo for staying up all night. Maybe he thinks I’m a weirdo for something? I wouldn’t be surprised. We are in the weird dating phase. Or Zone. There wasn’t anything major that came up in the first three months. You know, when you are both on your best behavior, so […]

The Boyfriend Test

I spent two weeks on vacation. With various people asking me about my relationship status, and “How’s it going with….?” Ugh. Meanwhile, we weren’t calling each other. We were texting occasionally. And some days we didn’t even text. Remember when you were in school and calling and talking for hours on the phone was a […]