The Spaniard – Poor Communication Skills

I joked that he had a five star uber rating. The next day I sent it to him via text. I was trying to be flirty, thinking maybe he would suggest another date. Instead of being playful and seemingly in on the joke, he was weirdly formal. Maybe that is just his style? What is […]

Blondie Update

Blonde Boy (BB) and I finally coordinated for a 2nd date. He suggested brunch. In this neck of the woods (Cleveland) that usually means Sunday noonish. He surprised me by clarifying that he meant Saturday. He suggested that I pick a place closer to me. SIDE NOTE: Cleveland restaurants seem to think that Sunday is […]

Tinder Social

As if online dating isn’t confusing enough. As if half of us aren’t millennials with our brains hard wired to instinctively know how every app works. As if it wasn’t confusing enough to figure out the strategy I wanted to use for this app. Then they go and update it. They change it. They make […]

Toothbrush, DVDs, Relationship Status

Leaving a toothbrush at the other persons house is a thing. I mean, I’ve never done the whole adulting relationship dating dance before, so maybe it’s not. BUT! If I were to believe Joe Jonas, from whom I learn all pop culture references, leaving the toothbrush is significant enough to write a song about! And […]

Dating Patterns

I’m noticing I have a pattern. I know it hasn’t been very long for me to say as such, but hear me out. I sign up for whatever dating app and I start chatting with several guys. Those who are actually interested in me will eventually ask me out, and I will say yes. Because, […]

Online Now!

I’ve read all the reviews. Plenty of Fish and Tinder are just for hook-ups. Match is for serious people looking for serious relationships. Bumble for women who don’t want to be overwhelmed with conversations. And so forth… Hinge, Clover, Match, OKCupid, apparently there are a billion and one ways to meet new people via your […]