Dateonomics Review: Dating is Number Game, and How to Date Smarter

This month for the Dating Book Club, I read Dateonomics, by Jon Birger. The economy of dating is an inherently unsexy and unromantic venture to delve into, but knowledge is power. And frankly, the lovey dovey stuff doesn’t get you far sometimes. It’s also nice to know that the behavior women are witnessing in the […]

I Take My Pants Off…

…For charity! This past weekend I ran a mile with Cupid’s Undie Run in Cleveland. I ran in my underwear to raise money for Children’s Tumor Foundation. The money goes to fund research and medical trials for NF (neurofibromatosis). NF causes tumors to grow on nerve endings. It is a great cause with many of […]

Saturday Night

I usually post on Tuesdays. Oops. I went out on Saturday night. S A T U R D A Y Nights! Ok, that’s enough. I was invited out by friends who were going on a date night. It was the husbands idea actually, something about him getting to drink if I went. The wife warned […]

Direct Rural

I made plans with Rural before all this baseball game nonsense. I guess it was silly of me to try to date guys in Cleveland this year. They have all been a bit….. distracted. First the Cavaliers, now the Indians. I mean, go team go! But, wow. These guys would rather watch a game than […]

Into the Woods

Rural Man – I said “boy” in his presence in regards to clothing or something random and he corrected me, Man. Ok. Chill. He was mostly joking. I think. So far the only thing I can think of that’s kinda meh, is that he’s not very tall. But he’s tall enough. And I really don’t […]