Dear Match: This isn’t going to work

I’m breaking up with I misjudged the amount of time left on my subscription, so oops, I’m in until March. Maybe I’ll find someone by then – or maybe it will continue to be a big waste of time! SOUNDS like it should work. In Theory. A website that people are joining for […]

On a Break

I’m taking a break from dating. I’ve already deleted all the dating apps off my phone over a month ago. And I haven’t missed it at all. Sometimes responding to those messages takes so much time and effort. It’s so draining after a while. It’s been almost a year since I started dating (for the […]

Dater Burnout

The thing about online dating, is that your pool is only as good as the other people looking. I mean, technically, this is true in real life too. But just not as obvious. And with some apps and their algorithms, I think they are trying to keep people from matching. Keep their user numbers up? […]


It’s been a year. Since I found out my ex was having a long term affair. Since I learned who the affair was with. Since I asked him to leave. Since we started lawyer and dissolution processes. Since I started going to therapy regularly. That’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this blog anonymously. […]

What are you looking for?

“So what are you looking for?” “I don’t know. Renting with the option to buy?” “What are you looking for in a date?” “‘in a date’ as in the event, or as in the guy?” It’s these kinds of questions that I hate about online dating. It isn’t so bad if you are out, you’ve […]

Tinder Social

As if online dating isn’t confusing enough. As if half of us aren’t millennials with our brains hard wired to instinctively know how every app works. As if it wasn’t confusing enough to figure out the strategy I wanted to use for this app. Then they go and update it. They change it. They make […]