DTR Dodger

Attractive, sweet, genuine, caring, thoughtful, attentive, perceptive, communicative – The Alien is literally unlike any other guy I’ve dated. Its been two months, and there isn’t ANYTHING that has made me pause and think – hmmm this could be a flag, I’ll stick it in my back pocket for review later. Nothing. And that’s scary. […]

The Spaniard – Poor Communication Skills

I joked that he had a five star uber rating. The next day I sent it to him via text. I was trying to be flirty, thinking maybe he would suggest another date. Instead of being playful and seemingly in on the joke, he was weirdly formal. Maybe that is just his style? What is […]

Dating Book Club

I don’t watch the Bachelor regularly. I haven’t been a fan. The last full season I watched was while I was in college. All my roommates were into it so I found myself watching with them. Which, lets be honest, is the best way to watch the show, with friends and wine and making jokes […]

Bae Be Cray

Full tilt crazy town. #ThisIsWhyYouAreSingle #SingleBecause I woke up to a barrage of texts Tuesday night – well Wednesday morning really. I responded. Calmly. I didn’t want to fight. I’m not trying to make enemies. And you really can’t argue with crazy. I’ve heard him rant before. There is no talking someone down who has […]