Dating Patterns

I’m noticing I have a pattern. I know it hasn’t been very long for me to say as such, but hear me out. I sign up for whatever dating app and I start chatting with several guys. Those who are actually interested in me will eventually ask me out, and I will say yes. Because, […]

Exclusivity Devide

Do men think we are all just waiting for them to decide to be our boyfriend? Are guys just as insecure spending the first month wondering if the girl is dating other people and where they might fall in rank? Do men stare at their phone waiting for the next text to come from that […]

Michigander in Cleveland (Part 3)

This is a continuation of the story started in Michigander in Cleveland (Part 1) and Michigander in Cleveland (Part 2). Backstory: My friend from Michigan was in Cleveland for the weekend, and after a few exciting and eventful stops on East 4th, we were headed to our table at Butcher and the Brewer. We walked […]


There are Plenty of Fish out in that there sea, but only a few are a real catch. Its a gnarly game of catch and release. Bachelor #1: “Hry”?! Wow. I know language is getting lazy. I am aware that I too use a few acronyms, but you should be able to type out a […]

Young Gun

Well, Young Gun turned out to be Young Dumb. I knew he was young. I knew he was probably an idiot. I mean, at least he was a cute young idiot. Eyes wide open, and such. Who am I to systematically rule out younger guys during this dating experiment. Fair is fair. I did not […]

Picture Perfect

Online dating is weird. You see a cute picture, you read a bio, messaging happens, and then someone asks to exchange numbers. Its the logical next step. Usually I’m a fairly good at judging people/guys based on their pictures and profiles. I’m great at subtext. The messaging with this guy, BroncoFan, was in no way […]