Dimples: 3rd Times a Charm

This wasn’t supposed to be a Dimples update. I had no plans to see him this past weekend. I actually tried to schedule a last minute meet with a Bumble guy I had been chatting with. While Dimples is the only guy I’m actively seeing (with all my tons of spare time, she said sarcastically), […]

The Blonde Boy

I had a first date the other night. This is a guy who I met through Bumble. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. He seemed nice, we didn’t chat tons before the date, so I had fairly low expectations. He will be known hence forth as the Blonde Boy, or BB for short. Because […]

Michigander in Cleveland (Part 3)

This is a continuation of the story started in Michigander in Cleveland (Part 1) and Michigander in Cleveland (Part 2). Backstory: My friend from Michigan was in Cleveland for the weekend, and after a few exciting and eventful stops on East 4th, we were headed to our table at Butcher and the Brewer. We walked […]