Call it—-Ghosted?

I’m calling it. Time of death – Friday 5:11pm (17:11 for my medically inclined friends). Blonde boy and I were supposed to get together Monday night. But last week, two weeks? Who knows! I got an unexpected surprise. The ex could keep the kids for the night, instead of just dinner as planned. I had […]

The Blonde Boy

I had a first date the other night. This is a guy who I met through Bumble. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. He seemed nice, we didn’t chat tons before the date, so I had fairly low expectations. He will be known hence forth as the Blonde Boy, or BB for short. Because […]

The Magic

It’s sometimes easier to talk about the bad, and the weird. The disasters are easy to spot. Often with all the red flags we see the end before the beginning. But sometimes. Sometimes there is magic. There are forces that are in play that we can’t predict. Had I not found out about Young Gun, […]