3 Reasons why its ok to live with your parents

I’m kinda sorta starting to see this guy, and one of the major issues I have is that he lives with his parents. He made a joke the other night that his roommates are his parents. I don’t know how his relationship is with his parents, but it has me thinking. At my age, people […]

Dimples: 3rd Times a Charm

This wasn’t supposed to be a Dimples update. I had no plans to see him this past weekend. I actually tried to schedule a last minute meet with a Bumble guy I had been chatting with. While Dimples is the only guy I’m actively seeing (with all my tons of spare time, she said sarcastically), […]

Run for your life

In non-dating news – I just completed a 10k. I realized that life needs balance. Not just because I’m a single mom, but because I’m a mom in general. I’ve said it before, that I was getting into the whole “fitness” thing before my ex left. One of the biggest things about being a mom, […]