Thoughts on Modern Romance

I’m in Hawaii having an AMAZING time. But, before I left I read Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, and documented my thoughts as reading. My version of a book review. I hope you read along! Chapter 1 Searching For Your Soulmate? Wow they just jump right in there don’t they?! Holy Shit. I dated like a […]

Dater Burnout

The thing about online dating, is that your pool is only as good as the other people looking. I mean, technically, this is true in real life too. But just not as obvious. And with some apps and their algorithms, I think they are trying to keep people from matching. Keep their user numbers up? […]

Call it—-Ghosted?

I’m calling it. Time of death – Friday 5:11pm (17:11 for my medically inclined friends). Blonde boy and I were supposed to get together Monday night. But last week, two weeks? Who knows! I got an unexpected surprise. The ex could keep the kids for the night, instead of just dinner as planned. I had […]


It’s been a year. Since I found out my ex was having a long term affair. Since I learned who the affair was with. Since I asked him to leave. Since we started lawyer and dissolution processes. Since I started going to therapy regularly. That’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this blog anonymously. […]

Blondie Update

Blonde Boy (BB) and I finally coordinated for a 2nd date. He suggested brunch. In this neck of the woods (Cleveland) that usually means Sunday noonish. He surprised me by clarifying that he meant Saturday. He suggested that I pick a place closer to me. SIDE NOTE: Cleveland restaurants seem to think that Sunday is […]