DTR Dodger

Attractive, sweet, genuine, caring, thoughtful, attentive, perceptive, communicative – The Alien is literally unlike any other guy I’ve dated. Its been two months, and there isn’t ANYTHING that has made me pause and think – hmmm this could be a flag, I’ll stick it in my back pocket for review later. Nothing. And that’s scary. […]

Toothbrush, DVDs, Relationship Status

Leaving a toothbrush at the other persons house is a thing. I mean, I’ve never done the whole adulting relationship dating dance before, so maybe it’s not. BUT! If I were to believe Joe Jonas, from whom I learn all pop culture references, leaving the toothbrush is significant enough to write a song about! And […]

FB Official

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Especially Facebook. Facebook has it’s uses. I use it to post pictures and videos of my kids mostly so my family, who is spread out all over several states can feel like they are apart of everything that’s going on, without me having to call them […]