Dimples: Date 2

I got home from brunch and googled Dimples. I stalked and discovered he’s probably about 25 years old. I chalked the whole thing up to experience. I thought for sure he went home and tried to google me. Probably figured out how old I am, or something. But, do guys do this? Do they google […]


It’s been a year. Since I found out my ex was having a long term affair. Since I learned who the affair was with. Since I asked him to leave. Since we started lawyer and dissolution processes. Since I started going to therapy regularly. That’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this blog anonymously. […]

Blondie Update

Blonde Boy (BB) and I finally coordinated for a 2nd date. He suggested brunch. In this neck of the woods (Cleveland) that usually means Sunday noonish. He surprised me by clarifying that he meant Saturday. He suggested that I pick a place closer to me. SIDE NOTE: Cleveland restaurants seem to think that Sunday is […]

Single Dad Seeking

Have you watched Single Dad Seeking on TLC? Pitch: We find single dads, with varying degrees of shared custody, and match them with single ladies (with no kids and younger, of course), then after they chat for a while online we will fly the women out to the meet the men (because the women will […]