I Take My Pants Off…

…For charity! This past weekend I ran a mile with Cupid’s Undie Run in Cleveland. I ran in my underwear to raise money for Children’s Tumor Foundation. The money goes to fund research and medical trials for NF (neurofibromatosis). NF causes tumors to grow on nerve endings. It is a great cause with many of […]

That Friend and Other Random Thoughts

What makes you “that friend”? I’ve found that there are far less single 30 somethings than I expected there to be. I also have made most of my friends here via a mom group, and well, none of them are single. Now I’m that mom. The singe one – I’m also that single friend, that […]

Saturday Night

I usually post on Tuesdays. Oops. I went out on Saturday night. S A T U R D A Y Nights! Ok, that’s enough. I was invited out by friends who were going on a date night. It was the husbands idea actually, something about him getting to drink if I went. The wife warned […]

Into the Woods

Rural Man – I said “boy” in his presence in regards to clothing or something random and he corrected me, Man. Ok. Chill. He was mostly joking. I think. So far the only thing I can think of that’s kinda meh, is that he’s not very tall. But he’s tall enough. And I really don’t […]

Dater Burnout

The thing about online dating, is that your pool is only as good as the other people looking. I mean, technically, this is true in real life too. But just not as obvious. And with some apps and their algorithms, I think they are trying to keep people from matching. Keep their user numbers up? […]

Call it—-Ghosted?

I’m calling it. Time of death – Friday 5:11pm (17:11 for my medically inclined friends). Blonde boy and I were supposed to get together Monday night. But last week, two weeks? Who knows! I got an unexpected surprise. The ex could keep the kids for the night, instead of just dinner as planned. I had […]


It’s been a year. Since I found out my ex was having a long term affair. Since I learned who the affair was with. Since I asked him to leave. Since we started lawyer and dissolution processes. Since I started going to therapy regularly. That’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this blog anonymously. […]