I Take My Pants Off…

…For charity!

This past weekend I ran a mile with Cupid’s Undie Run in Cleveland. I ran in my underwear to raise money for Children’s Tumor Foundation. The money goes to fund research and medical trials for NF (neurofibromatosis). NF causes tumors to grow on nerve endings. It is a great cause with many of the fundraising teams raising money in honor or memory of a loved one.

If you are so moved to donate, you can click here.

If you live in or near Cleveland you NEED to make a team and run next year. This was an amazing event. Yes, there were a ton of young’uns who obviously are in shape and don’t care about being nearly naked in front of others. There were also moms and dads running and walking for their kids who have NF. Don’t let the “undies” part deter you. You can wear whatever you want, as long as its decent. Plenty of people layer. No one is judging.

The party starts at noon. We arrived and checked in at registration. Depending on how much you were able to fund raise, this is where you pick up your loot. My pile included undies, two shirts, a koozie, and a pair of knee high socks. They have a clothes check (instead of a coat check), and I quickly changed out of my black running leggings, put the undies over my undies, and then put on the boxer shorts I brought. Three layers on my tush. I then put the knee high socks on, and the event shirt. I was still wearing significantly more than most people.

Next we moved inside to the main hall at the House of Blues, who hosted the event. They had several bars working. One of the fundraising incentives was raise $250 for open bar at the party. Woot Woot! I had open bar privileges, and took full advantage. We took lots of pictures, and we gawked a bit. It was a little awkward, not knowing where to look. There was a team of Waldos. There was a super-hero team. After a few drinks, we went to the main floor and started dancing. We needed to warm up before we had to go outside for the run.

At 1:55, we all started to make our way outside to the start line. And surprisingly, in my socks, three undies, and sports bra (also gloves and scarf) I was not that cold! It was 28 degrees. Last year, when friends ran, it was 10 degrees, with a wind chill temp of -10. I thought I was going to die, and was really anxious about the cold. I am SUCH a wuss when it comes to cold, and it was not that bad!

2pm – and we are off! Runners, walkers, people with banners, with flags, with team shirts. All doing this mile, and admittedly uncomfortable because there are children with tumors growing on their skin they can’t cover. It was very humbling. It was moving. Two of my friends (sisters) have a nephew with NF. We were running for him, and thanking others for running also. At 5 years old he has been through numerous medical trails in order to try to shrink the tumors.

A quick jaunt around the block and we were walking back into the House of Blues. The bars were still open, and we had another 2 hours to party. My friend and I got in line to get our last drink, and she was thanking everyone for running, since her nephew has NF. She thanks and hugs a guy, and he goes to talking to his friends. I comment to my friend about how there are all these really cute guys, and man how do I tell if they are single or not. SO THEN, she leans back over to the hottie next to us and asks him if he is single. Next thing I know I’m talking to him, and he’s ADORABLE and like 12. He makes a comment about “now that he’s older” and I go, ok wait cause he brought it up – I ask how old is he. He knows he looks young. He asks how old do I think, 13? 14? I reply that I know he is at LEAST 21 since he was at the event. He jokes that he has a good fake. Ha! Adorable and funny! I tell him I’m guessing high, and then throw out the 28/29 guess. I was really hoping I was at least close to right. Nope. 25. The Kid is 25. HA! The look on my face I’m sure was priceless. I have no poker face. He guesses – am I 28/29….no. Am I 30? …..no. Am I 31? ……also no. Ugh – 34! ok!! 34. SHIT! Almost 10 years older. But you know what? Fuck it! He gets my number, gives me a kiss and has to go meet back up with his friends.

My friends an I get ourselves to the dance floor and have a party! It was a great time dancing. Which totally makes me think I need to go dancing WAY more often than I currently do. Also – my friends make great wing-women.

Since the event is downtown, we had a lot of options for food. We went back to clothes check, got re-dressed (kinda) and made our way to Barrio’s. Because the best post-drinking food is tacos. Barrio’s has great build your own taco options, and my two tacos were delicious.

I get home, and realize I am DEAD tired. I’m like ready to go to bed at 6:30pm tired. The Kid texts me, and wants to know if I’m going to go out. Uh…. He says he’s going to take a nap and then probably hit the town with friends. Have fun Kid! I stayed awake until I could take the current foster dog out at 8:30 for last time potty and then passed out. I did text him a little on Sunday, asked about Super Bowl plans. I don’t exactly need to keep the chat going because I have no time to see this guy.

I might text him next week when I know I wont have kids… Which The Kid has no idea exists. Because I met him “free range” (TM by T.). There was no time to get into all that – there is no good way to blurt that info. So IF there is ever a date, then maybe I’ll mention it. It also seems harmless to not mention something like that when its obviously not a serious thing. Pretty sure this was a limited offer kind of thing, and I doubt if he ever contacts me again.

As for event pictures? Well I may or may not been in any of the pictures from the sites below….

Cleveland.com Pictures

Cleveland.com Video

Moondog Pictures








2 thoughts on “I Take My Pants Off…

  1. Sounds like this event was a blast! What a great cause to take you pants off. Glad you went with the boxers 🙂 and LOVE that a cutie youngin’ flirted with you mid-run! I agree- you definitely don’t need to feel bad about not telling someone you call The Kid that you have kids!

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