7 Fun Facts!

I love reading everyone’s 7 facts about themselves. I thought no one would remember to tag me to give mine. I thought I would skip it. Ha! And then Not So Sex In The City tagged me on twitter. Oh man. I’m sure she meant someone else. Eek! So, in no particular order – 1. […]

Think and Drink… And Wink ;)

I FINALLY made it to a Think and Drink event. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History hosts a happy hour of sorts on the third Wednesday of the month featuring local breweries and wineries. Sometimes they have food featured from the breweries too…. sometimes its just food from the museum cafe. For more info on […]

Mountaineer – Friended?

The Mountaineer suggested we go on a day trip. He suggested Pittsburgh, but I don’t know much more about what to do in Pittsburgh other than a few downtown spots and museums. The weekend promised 80 degree temperatures and so wanted to make sure we could take advantage since soon enough it will be too […]

Pink Slip

Two weeks of radio silence. Completely. Date on Friday. He went home Saturday. I texted Sunday. He responded Monday.  And then nothing. After a week and a half I sent a “hey stranger” check in – still nothing. The only acceptable excuse, we all know, could only be extreme tragedy. If Dimples, or a direct […]

The Mountaineer

In all of the updating on Dimples, I realize I haven’t even MENTIONED the Mountaineer. Not here at least. I have on Twitter. In between all of the wishy washy Dimples dates I decide that I should keep my options open. I refine my Tinder and OKCupid profiles and wade through the shit storm of […]


I have been savoring the memory of Friday night all weekend. Stand Up Paddle-boarding was cancelled – due to high winds. We will need to reschedule. The weather had turned, it was cool and very windy, but we could still have a beach day, right?! I made several suggestions, and we both agreed we wanted […]